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Birthday Marbles

We drank coffee while the birthday boy, feeling very mature at age eight, opened his presents.  He got a couple science kits and a movie.  Then Carter ran out of the room and returned with his bag of peacock marbles.  … Continue reading

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Bits and Scraps – Proof of Leprechauns is All Around Us

It started earlier this week with a small, pointy white rock Carter found on the playground at his school.  He insisted it was a Leprechauns tooth. Then it was a heart shaped sticker, its shine and sparkle marred by neglect … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Magical Taste Shop

If you had chanced to drop by our little house in the woods last week, you may have been surprised to discover that in the place where our house usually rests, you would have found what appeared to be a … Continue reading

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On the Last Day of 2013…

We slept in. Had a breakfast of homemade buttermilk pancakes. We got dressed and headed out for an adventure filled day in the city. On our way into Seattle, we stopped by the Tacoma Dome and picked up tickets for … Continue reading

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Not Charter Schools, Carter Schools

I am unbelievably busy with the end of the semester almost upon me (my excuse for not blogging in almost 2 weeks!).  At this point I am doubtful that I will complete everything in a timely manner with the quality … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – The Switch Witch Strikes Again

I am once again late in posting for you my latest newspaper article that ran in The News Tribune on October 28th.  It is a mixture of Halloween memories of my own childhood and that of my children.  Part of … Continue reading

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Apparently it is Just That Much Funnier When it Surprises the Dog

Sunday night and it was that time right after dinner and right before the boys needed to start getting ready for bed.  I was perusing through the stack of school papers that had been dumped on the table on Friday … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Just Google It!

Carter has his very first loose tooth!  My youngest son, the baby of the family.  Soon the landscape, the morphology of his sweet little boy face will forever be changed with the loss of his first baby tooth.  There will … Continue reading

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A Bird and a Book

I love driving around conversations. The boys and I were driving home yesterday from Cody’s physical therapy, a short drive of ten minutes or so, when Carter piped up from the back seat that he was going to have a … Continue reading

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Full Disclosure and Gettin’ Lucky

Yesterday Cody was finishing his lunch when this conversation occurred, completely catching me by surprise. cody:  Is a baby alive while inside the mom’s tummy? me:  Yup, babies grow bigger and bigger inside their mom’s tummy until they are ready … Continue reading

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