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Simple Sunday – If you Give them Suction Cup Toothbrushes…

expect some shenanigans during tooth brushing time.

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Not Quite a Card Shark

One of our friends got Cody and Carter the board game Catan Junior for Christmas.  After we navigated through all the instructions and rules (and figured out that the boats belong on the dotted lines and not where you build … Continue reading

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Bits and Scraps – Proof of Leprechauns is All Around Us

It started earlier this week with a small, pointy white rock Carter found on the playground at his school.  He insisted it was a Leprechauns tooth. Then it was a heart shaped sticker, its shine and sparkle marred by neglect … Continue reading

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Watch Out Makers of Motrin, there is a New Player in Town

Mid winter break started out with Carter’s hacking cough turning into a low grade fever.  It only stuck around for a day but that day was long enough for him to pass it on to Cody. As some of you … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Blue Cheese and a Breakfast Menu

I have completed two of my eight weeks of full time student teaching.  It has been going very well and I am loving it!  It also leaves me feeling exhausted and with no motivation to do anything of much else … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – The Super Wall

A few weeks ago, after hearing about a great way to display students’ work in the classroom – work of their choosing, that they were proud of – I decided to create such a wall in our home.  I don’t … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Magical Taste Shop

If you had chanced to drop by our little house in the woods last week, you may have been surprised to discover that in the place where our house usually rests, you would have found what appeared to be a … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Tis the Season for Christmas Tree Trimming Tomfoolery

I think it is simply because we are big dorks who like to capture the random moments of life. But every year for the past several years, we set up the tripod, program the camera to auto snap a picture … Continue reading

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Not Charter Schools, Carter Schools

I am unbelievably busy with the end of the semester almost upon me (my excuse for not blogging in almost 2 weeks!).  At this point I am doubtful that I will complete everything in a timely manner with the quality … Continue reading

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Reflections in the Classroom – 2

Yesterday was Friday.  On a typical Friday I am in my practicum class in the morning then I leave after lunch to go home and cram in as much of my own schoolwork as I can in the 2.5 hours … Continue reading

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