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A Gentle Ambush

Today.  Alzheimer’s. My father-in-law does not realize it, does not know what has been lost even though he has been told.  There is no explaining that can lead to comprehension when the mind can no longer do its job. We … Continue reading

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Waking Up Six

He has kept a running countdown for a couple weeks.  He talks about the cake and the friends and the presents and the ice cream but that is not why he is so eager. Carter has been counting down to … Continue reading

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Birthday Marbles

We drank coffee while the birthday boy, feeling very mature at age eight, opened his presents.  He got a couple science kits and a movie.  Then Carter ran out of the room and returned with his bag of peacock marbles.  … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Seizures, Student Teaching, and Searching

Tomorrow I start my last week of full time student teaching.  I can’t believe how quickly it has gone by.  I am trying not to panic as I job search, fill out very time consuming on-line applications to districts without … Continue reading

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The Last Walk

The leash is resting quietly in the basket by the front door, no longer with a purpose. The place where dog dishes sat is empty, there is no one left to feed. The dog door is closed. This morning I … Continue reading

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One Year Ago

Today marks one year.  Most of the big firsts are over: the first Father’s Day, the first birthday, the first Thanksgiving, the first Christmas.  I am glad those are over and I must say that with time it has gotten … Continue reading

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Girls, Girls, Girls

I hesitate to write this because before it was my child, I would roll my eyes at such stories and think that the projections that adults placed on the innocent relationships of children was strange and creepy.  Please understand this … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Letter to a New Year

Dear 2013, We do not know each other yet, as you have not come around to say hello, so I thought I would write you this brief letter by way of introduction.  I know that people have great expectations for … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – The Little Things Are Not All That Little

Family, friends, holidays, love, smiles, being together. We have been celebrating the little things that are not all that little.  I hope you are too.

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Shadow Dancing

If one were to look out their window on a sunny afternoon into the cul-de-sac where Carter and I stand four days a week waiting for his bus, roughly between 12:15 and 12:25, they may be in for a strange … Continue reading

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