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Thanksgiving 2013 (has not yet arrived)

Yesterday while families across the nation gathered to dine, take pause and appreciate all they have to be thankful for, we at Casa de Shoes on the Wrong Feet had a quiet family day.  We still dined, and paused, and … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Fall Leaves and Fireplace Parties

Yesterday we went for a walk in the neighborhood.  The boys collected leaves and Haley tried out her spiffy new reflective vest that she will now wear when her and Husband go out for their early morning jogs. The rest … Continue reading

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Apparently it is Just That Much Funnier When it Surprises the Dog

Sunday night and it was that time right after dinner and right before the boys needed to start getting ready for bed.  I was perusing through the stack of school papers that had been dumped on the table on Friday … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Sweaters and a Photobomb

The boys were so cute in their sweaters, sitting on the couch reading books.  I grabbed the camera to capture the moment.  Click, click, click, PHOTOBOMB!

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Our Furry Family Members and the Memories They Give Us

As I mentioned, our family got a little big bigger (Ha!  When I typed the word “bigger” it came out of my fingers as “better” and I would have to say that works well too) with the addition of our … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Through the Lens of a Child’s Camera

Every month or two I transfer the photos from Cody and Carter’s camera onto the computer.  Lately Carter has taken a great interest in photography and actually captures some pretty nice images and moments of our lives.  I thought I … Continue reading

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Rescue Me!

She was found many months ago in Northern California, young and pregnant.  And homeless.  She wandered onto a dairy farm, looking for help, looking for safety.  They did not want her, but to their credit they took her to a … Continue reading

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Is it Plagiarism When I Steal From Myself?

My third newspaper article ran in this Monday’s paper.  I have been busy with mid-terms this week and have not had time to pop over here and write about it.  In fact, I have been so busy and at a … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Catnip, a Gateway Drug?

Earlier this week I splurged and bought the cats an all natural catnip filled hemp mouse.  Delilah chewed on it, batted it around, and then went and took a nap.  Bleu, however, just would not stop. I hope I have … Continue reading

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The Last Walk

The leash is resting quietly in the basket by the front door, no longer with a purpose. The place where dog dishes sat is empty, there is no one left to feed. The dog door is closed. This morning I … Continue reading

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