Simple Sunday – Camping/Glamping

Yesterday we did some pseudo camping.  This is basically where a person is too tired to full on camp so they just meet up with their friends at the campground and spend the day.  We packed our camp chairs, some firewood, and Carter’s stuffed owl named Hool (a mix between the words hoo and cool) – you know the basics for slacker camping.

Here is Hool – morning, noon, and night.

Day Owl Night Owl Collage

Our friends, who were actually camping had already been there one night and so had their campsite all set up and functioning.  They also treated us to lunch, dinner, and s’mores. It was awesome!

Whittling Woman Preparing the Sticks


We had a troll’s feast for lunch consisting of meat grilled on sticks, along with delicious veggies, dips, and cheeses.  Dinner was beef, chicken, and a variety of garden grown veggies grilled over the fire paired with salad.  It really was a cross between camping and glamping.

Camping or Glamping?  – Evidence #1

Camping or Glamping Collage 1

Camping or Glamping? – Evidence #2

Camping or Glamping Collage 2

We went on some lovely nature walks in the park.

Twisty Paths and Horsetails

Camping Nature Collage 2

Wildflowers and Wetlands

Camping Nature Collage 1

As the light faded and the evening stretched into night, we found it hard to say goodbye.  Cody and Carter had made friends with the daughter of my longtime friend and right before we broke camp (and by broke camp I mean packed up our four chairs, the stuffed owl, and made sure we had one dog and two children in the car before driving away) I took this picture of the kids.

Evening firelight

It was a sweet, sweet day filled with old friends, conversations in the forest over tasty morsels, times remembered, and the creation of new times to reflect upon.

About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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18 Responses to Simple Sunday – Camping/Glamping

  1. Mary Ann says:

    That’s great, and you got to sleep in your own beds at night!

  2. What fun without all the fuss! I wish I would have thought of that when my kids were younger.

  3. That sounds like a perfect day – and I can guarantee that your kids will be saying “remember that time..” for a long time.

  4. mimijk says:

    This looks like a heavenly day!!!

  5. I *much* prefer Day At The Lake to Full-On Camping – especially with little ones. Looks like a perfect time, no matter what you named it 😀

    • shoes says:

      It was so easy compared to all the preparation that goes into actual camping. Plus, I don’t know if it is because I am getting older or what but sleeping on the ground, even an air mattress, in a tent is starting to lose its appeal. It was a wonderful day of camping/glamping.

  6. I Am Jasmine Kyle says:

    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FAMLY!!! You must have had a BLAST! I’m quite jealous!

    • shoes says:

      Ahhh – thank you! 🙂 We had a wonderful time, I highly recommend it if you get the chance.

      • I Am Jasmine Kyle says:

        I always feel like I am about to get into trouble when I am outdoors. I feel like I need someone to be there to tell me it’s ok for me to be there. Like if you see a cop and you think… seatbelt check… not on phone… check… 10 and 2 check… Ok I’m cool he’s not here for me!

  7. jensine says:

    looks like fun and the owl looks like furby

  8. Jodi says:

    I can camp like that.

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