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I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.

Simple Sunday – Crock Pot Cat

*Please note, no actual cats were harmed in the making of the crock pot pulled pork taco dinner.

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Ask Santa!

At the dining room table this evening, someone farted. The offensive noise clearly came from across the table so Husband and I were off the hook.  That only left Cody and Carter.  husband: Who farted?  Denial.  From both parties (although, … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Star Wars Love

Cody and I have been reading various Star Wars backstory books.  It started with a Boba Fett book he found at Half Price Books over a year ago and has expanded from there.  We are currently reading Legacy of the … Continue reading

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Poor Man’s Parsley?

Tonight we ate salmon with basil butter, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Cody served himself a piece of the salmon which happened to have a large sprig of parsley on the top.  He was uncertain what it was, so he … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – White Out

I don’t know how it happened for I was not there.  Sometime Saturday when Cody and Carter were playing with their cousins, Carter ended up with Wite-Out on his nose.  You know the stuff, the odoriferous white pasty correction fluid … Continue reading

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Bite Sized

Carterisms – cute, funny, and/or simply worth-remembering comments that come out of the mouth of Carter.  I write them for me, but think you may enjoy them as well. Yesterday Carter came home from school with his spelling test from … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Jungle

Carter tried his hand at making scrambled eggs yesterday.  This is not his first time, but his interest in cooking had definitely increased. Apparently so has his use of spice.  For when he brought the scrambled eggs to the table, … Continue reading

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Creepy Stare

The main problem with being sick on New Year’s Day is that people don’t believe you.  They just assume you are “New Year’s Eve Sick”.  I was sick, and it was not New Year’s Eve style sick but a real … Continue reading

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Shoes on the Wrong Feet Flashbacks – 2016

January: We hosted a rather nice remembrance for Husband’s father.  Carter made the Swedish colored paper chain as an addition to the centerpiece.   Carter discovered the 80’s in the form of a headband.  He rocked the look for a … Continue reading

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Yardwork in a Vase

Yesterday I tackled the front yard.  We have a patch of desert landscaping tucked under two large mesquite trees just to the right of our driveway.  I have not done much in the way of trimming this section since we … Continue reading

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