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I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.

Nine Day Weekend

We are on Spring Break (or as Carter calls it, our nine day weekend). It is glorious. So far we have gone to the Science Center where we watched a 3-D movie about the monarch butterfly migration, the boys played … Continue reading

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Leprechauns like Chocolate, Right?

I did not think the boys were interested in trying again. When we discussed St. Patrick’s Day months ago, they had grandiose leprechaun trapping ideas.  But ideas are not action. At the start of this week I made mention of … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Mouse Trap and Kenny Loggins

The boys busted out the game Mouse Trap the other night.  Basically you spin, move your mouse to the color you spun, and hope you do not land on the two squares that the trap hangs above. It lacked the … Continue reading

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Stolen Love

During a lunchtime discussion, a coworker of mine started telling us about a problem she was having with a couple students in her room.  Apparently they had been sneaking back into the room at the end of the day as … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Smallest Bouquet

  The smallest of bouquets from my smallest son.

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Free Rocks…

Quite often the weekends find us going to some event or museum.  It was after our latest trip to the Arizona Science Center, on a short walk to a downtown restaurant for lunch, that Carter made what he thought was … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Restricted Area with Love (and a Parasitic Infection)

To build up to Valentine’s Day this year, I posted a paper heart a day (well, almost every day) on the boys’ bedroom door, each with a reason why I loved them written on it.  Their interest level in what … Continue reading

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For the Right Price

This morning Carter woke up in a very grumpy mood.  It is not unusual for Carter to be a morning grump as he is not a morning person, but today his grumpy was mixed with a swirl of anxiety and … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Crock Pot Cat

*Please note, no actual cats were harmed in the making of the crock pot pulled pork taco dinner.

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Ask Santa!

At the dining room table this evening, someone farted. The offensive noise clearly came from across the table so Husband and I were off the hook.  That only left Cody and Carter.  husband: Who farted?  Denial.  From both parties (although, … Continue reading

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