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I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.

Simple Sunday – Unprotected

This is what happens when I take the mattress protector off to wash it. How do they know?

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Making the News and Reopening Schools

When the state that you live in makes the national news, especially in these times, you can be pretty confident that it is not a good thing. This along with a virtual town hall hosted by my school district’s superintendent … Continue reading

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Colonel Mustard in the Billiard Room with the Wrench?

Weighing in at about six pounds and with a length of 20 inches, our billiard table is elegant and impressive. Cue sticks of 22 inches long, balls, triangle, and table brush all scaled to size, it proudly proves that good … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Snoozing

Sasha is very good at snoozing. Just looking at her makes me tired. *yawn*

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A Trader Joe’s Christmas in Spring

As like most things, shopping looks a lot different in this time of COVID-19. Husband is the main grocery store shopper. He goes out as infrequently as possible, using curbside pick-up whenever possible. The list of places we shop has … Continue reading

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Not a Mermaid

Last Saturday Ellie, our neighbor came over. Her twin’s dance class started up again and the class only allows one parent and no siblings to go, in order to keep the number of people small. We have been allowing the … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Sorry Eyes, Bitter Heart

Sasha fancies herself to be a cat, even though she is clearly not a cat. She greatly enjoys sneaking up onto the back of our couch cushions, straddling them, and then falling asleep. She knows the word “off” and will … Continue reading

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Not so little. Not so easy.

It is easy to write about the little things in life. I love capturing, examining, breaking apart, and wordsmithing on the small, seemingly insignificant fleetings that float past. I love them for so many reasons: they are the thread that … Continue reading

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Nervous Pickles

me: Why are there spots of juice or something on the table? Cody: It was the pickle jar. It sweats ever time I open it – it gets nervous. Cody is a voracious pickle eater who has been known to eat many, … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Into Pieces and Back Again

Husband did some research and then a seven dollar part and a couple hours later my computer was back. This was my laptop on Thursday. It had been acting up – randomly making chargers unusable (yes, more than one), slowing … Continue reading

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