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The Unicorn in my Backyard

Like a mythical beast, elusive and awe inspiring, summer has slipped into our lives.  Knowing it is only here for a little while increases the desire to grab onto it, to look it square in the face and drink it … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Snacks and Scents

Saturday we celebrated Carter’s birthday (yes, I know it is late, but his birthday fell close to Mother’s Day and one simply cannot compete with that when putting together a party).  He picked out the snack bags and was put … Continue reading

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Boobs are for Ladies

Carter turned up his nose at the thought of making our own birthday invitations and instead wanted to go to the store and buy some. We found our invitations and were walking past the rack of cards on our way … Continue reading

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Today my youngest turned nine.  For some reason I can’t quite explain, this birthday seems heavy.  Nine is not really very little.  It is not that I want my boys to stay little forever, I am proud of them and … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – How Much for the Cat?

The boys set up a store in our living room this morning to “sell” their snap block creations.  Using the tickets they gave me, I purchased three items, then paused and asked, “How much for the cat?” The cat was … Continue reading

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How do you Plot Your Lions?

In our classroom, we have been working on data collection and graphing.  We have spent time using tally charts, frequency charts, pictographs, picture graphs (also referred to as scaled picture graphs, just to make life more confusing), bar graphs, and … Continue reading

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Parenting Fail – Soap vs. Shampoo

Somewhere along the way Husband and I neglected to successfully define and differentiate between the two body washing products used in our house – soap and shampoo. This was only recently discovered, and quite by accident.  You see, both boys … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – A Mini Vacation

Today felt like a mini vacation.  Yesterday we completed a long list of errands and tasks, leaving today open for fun.  We went to the Phoenix Zoo, followed by lunch out, and finally ice cream, before finding our way home. … Continue reading

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Bad Joke

In my classroom, we end our day with about ten minutes of a share, telling, or joke.  There is a sign-up list the students use to maintain some order in the process.  Many of the students lately have gotten into … Continue reading

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“The Cubs are on a roll in the replay of the game!” exclaimed Cody shortly after he had just seen them lose to the Pittsburgh Pirates. I simply shook my head, smiled, and agreed with him.

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