Simple Sunday – Seahawk Scare

We are Seattle Seahawks fans.  Or rather, I am a Seattle Seahawk fan and Husband and the kids have simply taken the path of least resistance.  I have fond memories of sitting in a large brown beanbag next to my dad watching the Hawks lose game after game.  It was the 80’s and the Hawks were not a good team.

We now live in Phoenix and are supposed to be Cardinals fans.  But we are not.  Or rather I am not and Husband and the kids continue to follow that path of least resistance, at least for now.

Football, American football, is not a sport I would ever want my boys to play and so I was a bit concerned when Carter informed me the other day that the Seahawks are the world.

carter:  Mom, the Seahawks are the world!

Perhaps my enthusiasm for my childhood team has been too much.  I have tried to curb it by, for example, yelling “crush them” instead of “kill them” at the t.v. when our defensive team is on the field.  I only wear one or two of the various Seahawk related items I own – socks, shirt, pajamas, apron – at a time.  And we only fly our massive Seahawk flag on game days.

I was thinking all this in the 3-5 seconds between his exclamation and my question.

me:  Hum, what do you mean by that?

What have I done?  Am I raising a child who will place too much value on a football team?  Will he grow up to be a beer-can-to-the-forehead smashing man every time his favorite football team scores a field goal?  Ack!

I held my breath and waited for his response.

It came quickly, immediately putting my worries to rest.

carter:  They are green and blue, just like the world.

About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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7 Responses to Simple Sunday – Seahawk Scare

  1. Smart guy! Go Seahawks! 🙂

  2. Perfect response! Fear not mom…all is right with the (green and blue) world.

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