Simple Sunday – Tale of Two Towns (ok, one is a city, but you know what I mean)

I grew up on an island in Washington state, my hometown surrounded first by farmland and next by the sea.

I have moved, two times now, to Phoenix, Arizona a city surrounded first by sunshine and next by the desert.

Two places, so very different, that hold a special place in my heart.

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Victory for Teaching Table Manners?

This afternoon, as I set the table for lunch I noticed that all our large plates were dirty. Being too lazy to hand wash them, I put out a bowl for the pasta, a smaller bowl for the salad, and small plates for the bread. Chuckling to myself about all the crockery, I flippantly apologized to Cody and Carter for the singular fork with which to eat our meal – not a salad fork in sight.

On point, and in the overly dramatic fashion in which our family rolls, Cody quickly thrust his hands up to his neck and loudly gasped. Carter immediately followed suit. Not to be left out, I gasped as I flourished our multi-purpose forks.

“Who do you think your mother is?” I asked, “The Queen of England?”

Carter finished his pasta and for some unknown reason cleared his spot before coming back to eat his salad. Realizing he already put his fork in the sink, he got another.

“Oh, getting yourself a salad fork?” I asked.

This caused Cody to get up and correct my fork folly.

Husband and I laughed and wondered aloud if this was indeed a win in the parenting department of table manners. But then we watched Carter walk back into the kitchen wearing nothing but a pair of underwear.

Our longest standing rule in the realm of table manners is that one must, in the very least, have on a pair of underwear to join us at the table.

Perhaps we have not yet quite mastered the art of fine dining.

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Fur Friday – Face

Welcome to Fur Friday where I post a random picture (or more) of some of our pets and maybe write a thing or two about it.

James’ Friday Face

Happiness is the face of an orange cat on a Friday before a three day weekend.

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Simple Sunday – Simply Sweet

Husband surprised the boys and I with donuts Friday morning.

What a sweetheart!

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Fur Friday – Eggcellent

Welcome to Fur Friday where I post a random picture (or more) of some of our pets and maybe write a thing or two about it.

Today Cody called us out into the backyard to witness the end results of a random science experiment. It involved soaking eggs in vinegar to see what would happen. Then he decided to drop them onto the concrete basketball pad in our yard as a grand finale.

The dogs enjoyed the show.

In case you were wondering, the eggs broke. It was nasty; the boys thought it was great. The nasty egg sludge was washed into the grass where I am sure Sasha will find it in a day or two and enjoy a lengthy roll around in it before coming into the house to sleep on my side of the bed.

The egg on the left was left to soak in vinegar for a couple days. The egg on the right is the control egg.
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Simple Sunday – Sandwiches

Grilled cheese sandwiches are my jam. They are my comfort food. I have very strong opinions about all things involving the great grilled cheese. Here is a sneak peek from the last time I made them, before putting their tops on.

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Remote Teaching

It has been a verrrrrryyyy long two weeks. I have behind me one week of four half days and one full week of online teaching. I teach third grade.

My take-aways from these two weeks are:

  • Doing what is best for the students and myself (even if it may not be exactly what administration is telling you to do) is sometimes the right move.
  • Surprise Dutch Brothers drinks delivered by a friend on your first Friday remote teaching are amazing.
  • I love my students already and I have not even seen them in person.
  • My students’ families are incredibly supportive and appreciate honest, humor infused communication.
  • Wine is nice in the evening.
  • No matter how the day goes, my pets and family are always there to make me feel better.
  • Even as technology crashed and burned all around me, a total dumpster on fire moment, acting calm and rolling with is all one can really do.
  • Did I mention how amazing my students are? Really, truly they are fabulous.
  • I stare at a computer way too much and have no desire to blog. I hope this will change.

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Simple Sunday – Fan Fort Fun

Take a fan, preferably a box fan, a couple pieces of tape, and a sheet.  Voilà, you have yourself a Fan Fort. Cody and Carter spent hours yesterday creating a variety of Fan Forts. Some incorporated the couch and pillows and others were build on their bed. Snacks were consumed inside the forts and books were read.

From what I could determine from their conversations, there was only one consistent rule across all these forts: No Fan Fort Flatulence.

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Fur Friday – Well Protected

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Happy as a…

pig with a pinwheel.

Geico Pig GIF - Geico Pig Pinwheel GIFs

One of Cody’s teachers had an activity today that required the students to pick a gif that they felt represented how they felt about going back to school. Cody picked this one.

It makes me so happy that both boys are enjoying their first week of school, virtual as it may be.

I wish I could say the same about my feelings. We are being told to use an entirely new teaching/learning platform that we have little to no training on as of now. It does not seem at all friendly to the user, especially if that user is an elementary aged student. Meet the teacher is Monday and live instruction starts on Tuesday. I think I cried three times today. Oh how I wish we could use Google Classroom, but it is not my call to make.

I am holding on to the pig and the pinwheel. I am focusing on the fact that the boys are off to a great year and I will do what I can to get my pinwheel moving, even if that feels like I am spinning around in circles.

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