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On how we got a Christmas Cockroach

Easley’s Fun Shop, an iconic family owned costume store here in Phoenix, is closing it’s doors after a good long run of 72 years.  Cody and Carter are very aware of this and have been for some time.  (Both boys … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Santa’s “Helper”

She spend a good half hour watching me wrap from her perch on the bed. The curling ribbon caused her to travel to the ground floor.  Princess Leia was intrigued and ready to “help”. Her eyes, full of potential action, … Continue reading

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Snowflake Security System?

Our hallway, courtesy of Carter and his crafting. It is festive by day but hazardous by night (think – paper cut to the face and multiple eye stabbings).  I pity the poor person who tries to navigate this in the … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Southwest Christmas

I was the only member of Casa de Shoes on the Wrong Feet that wore long pants and a sweater as we walked around our local nursery searching for the perfect Christmas tree.  It was sunny and in the high … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Selfies

Yesterday, to get into the holiday spirit, we went on a walking tour of a Christmas lights display.  Along the way, some group selfies were taken.   We have never been the most photogenic of families, but that does not … Continue reading

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Advent Calendars (and sort-of advent calendars)

On the first day of December my true love gave to me… This year, we bought the boys Star Wars Lego advent calendars.  This morning they were excited to open the first door and piece together the mini Lego creation, … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Christmas 2016

After a morning of stockings and breakfast, we decided to continue with our relatively new tradition of a Christmas morning desert hike. We packed up the dogs and headed out to the desert. I must have been very good this … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Muffins, Spice, and Everything Nice

Yesterday Carter and I made mini pumpkin muffins.  Cody was going to help us but when I asked him to get the necessary spices, he was so distracted by my unkempt spice basket he spend the entire time organizing the … Continue reading

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An Early Christmas (Photographically Represented Using Carter’s Stuffed Owls, Barney and Barney Jr.)

Last weekend we drove to Tucson to celebrate an early Christmas with family.  Cody and Carter’s cousins are heading out of town for the actual event, so we convened at my mother-in-law’s house for dinner and presents. Carter, of course, … Continue reading

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With Criminal Intent

Last week on my way to work – with a basket full of carefully wrapped presents resting in the passenger seat next to me – I pulled the car over fully intending to commit a crime.  I did it for … Continue reading

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