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Simple Sunday – When Life Imitates Art and Other Nonsense We Do

We went to the Phoenix Art Museum a couple weeks ago, trading our long-time Science Center membership for a bit of culture. Carter enjoyed the scavenger hunt, checking off the found items with minimal art appreciation. I did capture a … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Blue Cheese and a Breakfast Menu

I have completed two of my eight weeks of full time student teaching.  It has been going very well and I am loving it!  It also leaves me feeling exhausted and with no motivation to do anything of much else … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – The Super Wall

A few weeks ago, after hearing about a great way to display students’ work in the classroom – work of their choosing, that they were proud of – I decided to create such a wall in our home.  I don’t … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Stress + Rapid Pace = Sick (and a cheer-me-up from Cody)

The spike in my stress level from Cody’s doctors appointments Thursday along with the rapid pace of my life as of late has caught up with me.  Sick with a nasty cold, I spend all yesterday lounging around blowing my … Continue reading

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Behind the Scene of my Latest Newspaper Article

I have for you a quick post with a link to my latest newspaper article, a story I wrote earlier this year about a trip we took to the local glass museum.  This is one of the two submissions I … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Warhol Flowers

I survived the test. To celebrate my survival, Husband took the boys and I to the Andy Warhol, Flowers, art exhibit.  I have wanted to see it for a while now, but being too frugal to actually spend the money … Continue reading

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The Tooth Fairy Lives in FairyLand, of Course.

Here is the letter Cody left for the Tooth Fairy on the night of her first visit a little over a week ago.  I wrote while he dictated. I was proud that he remembered his manners in the writing of … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Art or Wallpaper?

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Hot in the City!

My birthday is coming up in a little over a week.  As a present to me my mom offered to: a.) come visit us and treat Husband, myself, and the kids to a dinner out b.) come visit us and … Continue reading

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I Have a Question

I have not done this before but I have a question that I would like a variety of answers to and it dawned on me this morning that you (yes, you) would be the perfect place to turn.  I know … Continue reading

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