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Where did I put My Cup of Sugar?

My typical is the silly and uplifting snippets from life: quirky things my kids say, the cute antics of our fuzzy orange cat James, hikes and meals enjoyed by family and friends. It is the lemonade from the lemons of … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Red, White, & Blue – Happy 4th of July!

Because I am writing this a day early, I thought it would be fun to go through my camera roll and pick out some photos with the only criteria being that they contain red, white, and blue. Tuesday we are … Continue reading

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Fur Friday – Hiding in Plain Sight

Happy (First) Fur Friday! I’m going to start a weekly Fur Friday theme to my blog. I do not have a solid idea what this will entail other than it will have something to do with our menagerie of animals. … Continue reading

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A Long Time Gone

So… There is something I neglected to write about, something that has significantly affected my life and has been the cause, or partial cause, of my lack of blogging. It happened back in April. It was a one line email … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Zombies and Robo-Sharks

It was the quarantine.  Or maybe the robo-sharks. It could even have been the intensive laser testing.  Whatever it was, it has kept me from gaining access to my computer for the past two months, from blogging. It was most … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – The Switch Witch Strikes Again

I am once again late in posting for you my latest newspaper article that ran in The News Tribune on October 28th.  It is a mixture of Halloween memories of my own childhood and that of my children.  Part of … Continue reading

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Old News

Oops.  I realized earlier this week as I was trying to figure out when to fit in writing my next newspaper article, one that has a deadline of this Friday, that I never posted for you all the link to … Continue reading

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Weekly Reflections (or Killing Two Birds with One Stone)

It is a running joke in my Master’s with Certificate cohort that we reflect upon our reflections and then we reflect some more.  A lot of our coursework requires us to reflect; we reflect on lesson plans, curriculum, behavior management, … Continue reading

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I Still Can’t Believe They Print This Stuff!

Here is the link to my latest newspaper article that ran in the paper on Monday. This is my fifth article since I was offered a chance to be one of five reader columnists for The News Tribune for this … Continue reading

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