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Today this happened. I showed the second picture to Cody and he immediately shouted out, “You did it!” Husband’s response was more along the lines of ‘out with the old, in with the new’. It is a discussion we have … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Life in the Foreground

A little reminder to myself, that perspective, my perspective, is powerful and in my ability to control. I can choose to focus on the foreground, and let go of the background clutter as needed. In life I can use the … Continue reading

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From the top of the driveway

We emptied a container of salsa during dinner this evening.  As I was walking back from the recycling bin at the top of our driveway, I stopped and looked down the drive, my eyes traveling the road leading away.  I … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Weekend at Kalaloch

This was the weekend.  Every year we go and when it is over, we find ourselves planning for the next time. This was Haley’s first trip to Kalaloch, and I suspect, her first trip to the ocean.  She loved running … Continue reading

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As They Say, Better Late Than Never

My latest newspaper article ran in The News Tribune on December 2nd.  I have once again neglected to share this with you, so I am taking a moment to do so now. The article is a piece I wrote last … Continue reading

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Reflections in the Classroom – 2

Yesterday was Friday.  On a typical Friday I am in my practicum class in the morning then I leave after lunch to go home and cram in as much of my own schoolwork as I can in the 2.5 hours … Continue reading

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Reflections on Becoming a Teacher – 1

Today my field supervisor came into the first grade classroom I am interning in to observe me officially for the first time.  It was during a time in which I was running a small reading group.  I had known she … Continue reading

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Weekly Reflections (or Killing Two Birds with One Stone)

It is a running joke in my Master’s with Certificate cohort that we reflect upon our reflections and then we reflect some more.  A lot of our coursework requires us to reflect; we reflect on lesson plans, curriculum, behavior management, … Continue reading

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The Ocean’s Rocky Shore

This morning we are packing the car with bags, a cooler, kids, dogs, and sand toys for what used to be our yearly trip to the ocean.  Since 2005 or so my parents started treating Husband and I (along with … Continue reading

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