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Fur Friday – Summer Reading

James likes to snuggle while reading, recognizing the social aspect of the activity. He enjoys the sarcastic and often anthropomorphic wit of Gary Larson’s Far Side cartoons. Sasha, also a connoisseur of comics, enjoys old school newspaper comics, sometimes napping … Continue reading

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Not a Mermaid

Last Saturday Ellie, our neighbor came over. Her twin’s dance class started up again and the class only allows one parent and no siblings to go, in order to keep the number of people small. We have been allowing the … Continue reading

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John Glenn’s Face

Today in class my students partner read a passage about John Glenn and then answered questions involving problems and solutions. As I was walked around listening to them read and answer the questions, I noticed a girl and her partner … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Star Wars Love

Cody and I have been reading various Star Wars backstory books.  It started with a Boba Fett book he found at Half Price Books over a year ago and has expanded from there.  We are currently reading Legacy of the … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Car Conversations

Car driving conversation are the best.  Out of the blue, Carter had this to say: carter: When I grow up I might be a librarian.  me: Ah.  That would be a good choice. carter: I like to read.  Reading is … Continue reading

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Reflections on Becoming a Teacher – 1

Today my field supervisor came into the first grade classroom I am interning in to observe me officially for the first time.  It was during a time in which I was running a small reading group.  I had known she … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Sweaters and a Photobomb

The boys were so cute in their sweaters, sitting on the couch reading books.  I grabbed the camera to capture the moment.  Click, click, click, PHOTOBOMB!

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The Death of a Fish and the Rifting of Pangaea

Finn, our beloved Beta fish passed away sometime during the night last night.  I noticed this morning right before we were going to sit down for breakfast, as both our fish, Finn and Blub, lived in separate habitats on the … Continue reading

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Buckingham Palace

Every evening before the boys go to bed they are expected to clean up their toys.  Quite often they have to be told more than once but for the most part they know the routine and don’t make too many … Continue reading

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