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Fur Friday – Eggcellent

Welcome to Fur Friday where I post a random picture (or more) of some of our pets and maybe write a thing or two about it. Today Cody called us out into the backyard to witness the end results of … Continue reading

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The Death of a Fish and the Rifting of Pangaea

Finn, our beloved Beta fish passed away sometime during the night last night.  I noticed this morning right before we were going to sit down for breakfast, as both our fish, Finn and Blub, lived in separate habitats on the … Continue reading

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Full Disclosure and Gettin’ Lucky

Yesterday Cody was finishing his lunch when this conversation occurred, completely catching me by surprise. cody:  Is a baby alive while inside the mom’s tummy? me:  Yup, babies grow bigger and bigger inside their mom’s tummy until they are ready … Continue reading

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The Little Blue Robin Egg

On our walk home from the school bus this afternoon I spied a small light blue egg shell by the side of the road.  It was really only half a shell and it led to the following discussion. carter: If … Continue reading

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Bioluminescence and a Badge for Beating up a Hippo

Over a lunchtime bowl of mac and cheese, Carter and I got to talking about what he wanted to be when he grew up.  It was a toss up between a botanist and a garbage man. The conversation started with … Continue reading

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Always Home

Snails.  Not only are they always home but they are always in the process of creating their home.  For the snail their shell is home but it also means safety from predators like birds and frogs as well as from … Continue reading

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Road Trippin’

With a temperature this morning of 98.7 and a request for bacon, eggs, and toast it seems possible that Cody is on the mend.  If that is the case than this post is relevant and I need to do some … Continue reading

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One Last Breath

At 4:42 a.m. the phone rings and the question is asked, “How important is it that you see your dad one more time?” In pajamas I stand over an empty suitcase completely immobile, unable to make a decision of what … Continue reading

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Wow That Guy has the Instincts of a Plant!

It was a bird this time and not a rat festively decorated with a golden bow.  The boys don’t understand why Delilah, the cat who is not our cat, keeps bringing gifts of dead animals.  And they don’t get that I … Continue reading

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