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Not Another Post About New Years Resolutions?!?

When asked if I make resolutions for the New Year, I will tell you that no, I do not. But that is not entirely truthful.  I do reflect on the year gone past and consider actions I can take to … Continue reading

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Always Home

Snails.  Not only are they always home but they are always in the process of creating their home.  For the snail their shell is home but it also means safety from predators like birds and frogs as well as from … Continue reading

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Lemonade Friends

In between the farmer’s market and our small town’s Arbor Day event we drove past a lemonade stand.  It was the type of lemonade stand made up of a folding table, a red and blue toy cash register, and three … Continue reading

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My Sasquatch? I Think I Left it in My Other Pants.

Our house is situated on a dead end road off a cul-de-sac of another road, off a long road that leads into town.  Or out of town, depending on which way you are going.  That being the case, we drive … Continue reading

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