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Cooler than Yesterday

Even in the summer, especially in the summer, Husband and I get up early and walk the dogs. We were more than half way through our two mile walk this morning and I was dragging. The sun was clawing its’ … Continue reading

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Arctic Sled Sloths

During lunch today, Cody commented on a story headline that flashed by on our Echo Show.  It was a story that had something to do with a person successfully crossing the Arctic on their own. Feeling as though I had … Continue reading

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Last night after dinner we headed out to Safeway – where all the cool kids go after dinner on a Monday night – to pick up a couple items.  (This is very atypical for us but considering it is winter … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Car Conversations

Car driving conversation are the best.  Out of the blue, Carter had this to say: carter: When I grow up I might be a librarian.  me: Ah.  That would be a good choice. carter: I like to read.  Reading is … Continue reading

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A Bird and a Book

I love driving around conversations. The boys and I were driving home yesterday from Cody’s physical therapy, a short drive of ten minutes or so, when Carter piped up from the back seat that he was going to have a … Continue reading

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A Tuna Fish Sandwich With a Side of Elephantiasis Please

Lunch started out normal enough.  On the menu: three tuna fish sandwiches (two with mustard), one peanut butter and honey sandwich, cottage cheese, and wheat thins. At first the conversational hum was about passing the crackers or requests for a … Continue reading

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