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Eating your Fractions

To keep their brains in somewhat of a school mode, I conduct a summer school of sorts at our dining room table.  Monday through Thursday for an hour or two in the morning the boys work on maintaining their reading, … Continue reading

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How do you Plot Your Lions?

In our classroom, we have been working on data collection and graphing.  We have spent time using tally charts, frequency charts, pictographs, picture graphs (also referred to as scaled picture graphs, just to make life more confusing), bar graphs, and … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Car Conversations

Car driving conversation are the best.  Out of the blue, Carter had this to say: carter: When I grow up I might be a librarian.  me: Ah.  That would be a good choice. carter: I like to read.  Reading is … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Late to the Party

National Pie Day is on January 23rd.  As luck would have it, I was sick on the weekend we had planned to celebrate it with family and friends.  The following weekend after that was Super Bowl Sunday. And so it … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Playing with Fire and Cooking Quotes

Alright I will be totally up front with you all – the quotes and the pictures in today’s post have nothing to do with each other.  But whatever.  I do what I do. Yesterday morning we made waffles at Cody’s … Continue reading

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Mini Math Muffins

This year not only did I sign up to be one of the room moms in Cody’s classroom (something I vowed I would not do again) but I also signed up to help out with the school’s largest fundraiser, XtraMath.  … Continue reading

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