How do you Plot Your Lions?

In our classroom, we have been working on data collection and graphing.  We have spent time using tally charts, frequency charts, pictographs, picture graphs (also referred to as scaled picture graphs, just to make life more confusing), bar graphs, and line plots.

As an end of the chapter check point, the students were asked to identify graphs and charts as well as transfer data from one type of graph/chart/plot to another graph/chart/plot.  On the identification portion of the activity, they were given a word bank, a box containing a variety of graph/chart/plot names, that they could use to match with the correct data collection tool.

One of the students had correctly matched up the graphs/charts/plots with the vocabulary names for these items.  She did, however, misspell the line plot.  In very neat handwriting she had written, lion plot.

It made me laugh.  I circled the word and drew an arrow to the correct spelling of the word, but she received full credit for her lion plot.

Line and Lion Plot Collage

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2 Responses to How do you Plot Your Lions?

  1. Lion plot…….how cute!!

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