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Wait! Weight?

So I have a weight problem.  Although in the grand scheme of things, gaining 5 pounds may not seem like much of a problem at all, it makes me cringe and try on fifteen outfits before settling on one that … Continue reading

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“Where’s the Tequila?” Asks My 11 Year Old Son

What do you do when it is 108 degrees out and the weather forecast is predicting 120 degrees in just a few days time?  You practice making sweet sun tea. Cody and Carter researched sun tea and found a recipe … Continue reading

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Summertime is rapidly slipping away.  I start back to work in 12 days.  In 17 days it is Meet the Teacher Night and the students start back to school two days after that. I feel unprepared on so many levels. … Continue reading

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Carter-isms of the Day

It is a very rare thing for me to actually plan ahead a blog post.  I write on topics or daily goings on that I find funny or moving in some way.  As of late I have not been inspired … Continue reading

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Making a Splash

The sun in the Pacific Northwest has been a fickle creature this summer.  Temperatures have been on the cool side.  Clouds and Rain menacingly make their presence known like a couple of gangsters flicking their switchblades open and closed in … Continue reading

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Summer Houseguest

In a move that will further complicate my life but make the boys ecstatically happy, we have a houseguest staying with us for the summer.  He is twelve years old, and since our house is small and Cody already knows … Continue reading

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