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The Right Clothes for the Job

The blue cloudless sky and bright shining orb in the sky is reflective of what the weather report promises for today, sun and warmth.  I pull out the boys’ shorts from the plastic storage bins under their bed and they … Continue reading

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Sun and Whine

It was a blistering 68 degrees this afternoon in our lovely corner of the Pacific Northwest.  Carter was home with me all day as he does not have preschool on Fridays.  He was tired of watching me wash dishes, do … Continue reading

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Garden Gnome Season

Apparently late September in the Pacific Northwest is not Garden Gnome season.  I get it, really I do.  Most people consider the garden gnome’s habitat to be a traditional garden, one of flowers or vegetables.  I, however have to disagree.  … Continue reading

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Making a Splash

The sun in the Pacific Northwest has been a fickle creature this summer.  Temperatures have been on the cool side.  Clouds and Rain menacingly make their presence known like a couple of gangsters flicking their switchblades open and closed in … Continue reading

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Off we go!

The leftovers have been eaten, the newspaper delivery canceled, the trash taken out, and the humming bird feeders filled.  The neighbors have been put on alert and a couple of friends have been lined up to pop over and water … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Watermelon and Frogs

The gray and rain the Pacific Northwest is known for has returned after a couple nice weeks of warmth and sun.  During the sunny weather we spend a lot of time outside.  We have barbequed almost every night, eating dinner … Continue reading

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With the Warmer Weather Comes the Bathroom Badgers

I start to notice signs of their arrival as soon as the warm weather comes.  A torn piece of leaf in the living room.  A wilted dandelion in the hallway.  A partially eaten pinecone and dirt.  Lots of dirt.  They … Continue reading

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Short Skirts and Missing Flip Flops

I have delayed long enough and now it is past time; time to take inventory of our summer clothes for our vacation to Arizona to visit Husband’s family.  Carter should be set, having hand me downs from Cody.  Cody has … Continue reading

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This Just In: There Were Two Extra Monkeys At the Zoo Today

The high today was 45 degrees but there was no rain predicted in the forecast.  In the fall and winter here in the Pacific Northwest this means perfect weather for a trip to the zoo.  We were a little slow getting out the door … Continue reading

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Into the Wild

Over the weekend we cram packed our truck with various camping gear and headed into the great wilderness.  It was the first time we were brave enough to camp since the children were born.  We hired our babysitter to take … Continue reading

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