Off we go!

The leftovers have been eaten, the newspaper delivery canceled, the trash taken out, and the humming bird feeders filled.  The neighbors have been put on alert and a couple of friends have been lined up to pop over and water the garden and generally check on things.  An extra litter box has been put out and Delilah has enough food and water to last a herd of elephants for as long as we are going to be gone (although I don’t think the litter box situation would suffice the elephants.) The bags are packed.  It was not hard really considering our summer wardrobe is not very extensive living in the Pacific Northwest as we do. We shall be hitting the road soon.  I can feel it, another great adventure is just around the next bend.

I wish I could say that I am one of those bloggers who have piles of posts horded up in a dusty cupboard somewhere to be dispensed evenly throughout time.  I do have a couple tucked away, a very rare thing for me.  I almost consider it cheating to stockpile posts as I tend to write off the cuff about current events in my life (not to be confused with current events in the world.)  It just does not feel right of me to post about something random while I am taking a road trip with my family.  Since I do not foresee myself having time to blog while singing “Ninety-nine Boxes of Juice on the Wall” for the hundredth time to keep the kids occupied, you will just have to go about your lives and trust that I will return.

I will try my best to post a Simple Sunday although not strictly out of loyalty to you my lovely readers, but due more to my anal retentiveness at having never missed one.  I am picturing a breathtaking photograph of a mountain range in Utah that could grace the cover of a travel magazine coupled with a sentence or two of earth shattering poetry.  What you will most likely get is a cockeyed, slightly blurry photo of two blond haired boys, the youngest of which will probably be picking his nose, in our friend’s backyard with a furry Dexter butt in the far left corner as he tries unsuccessfully to be stealth about sneaking a bite out of someone’s hotdog.  There will be no caption to go with this picture but it will be clear that we are all having a great time.


About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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9 Responses to Off we go!

  1. love the way you express yourself – you are hilarious – have a wonderful trip – look forward to reading you when you get back

  2. Came across this post while randomly searching parenting blogs on WordPress. Your style is fun and really easy to read. This one post caught my attention enough to follow you. PS Love those yellow boots in your picture – I wonder if they come in adult sizes.

  3. Mary Ann says:

    I hope you have a great time. I bet you will have lots to blog about when you get back! Happy trails to you!

    • shoes says:

      I so wish we were actually on the road, I guess I prematurely posted unknowing that Carter was about to come down with the bug that Cody had been fighting earlier in the week. There will be other road trips this summer and I do hope we find ourselves heading to Utah to spend time with our good friends. I imagine road trips with the boys would provide some good blogging material. 🙂

  4. ktlee says:

    Love it! Enjoy your adventure! Can’t wait to hear about it when you return!

  5. Nancy says:

    Have fun! Looking forward to the Simple Sunday post!

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