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These are a few of my Favorite Things

Because I can’t seem to actually take a break from blogging like I told you I would, I thought I would share with you a few happy random moments from the past couple of days. Carter continues to wow us … Continue reading

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Thoughts from Yesterday

Cody found the Neurodevelopment doctors appointment to be very, very, boring. Carter loved the (free and volunteer run) sibling playroom at the hospital and it was so much easier for us to engage with the doctor having just Cody with … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – A Simply Lovely Mother’s Day

My mom came down for the weekend and we went to the zoo in a continuation of Carter’s birthday celebration.  In our house a person’s birthday gets celebrated for at least a week or more, with festivities spread out and … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Tragedy at the Zoo

Zookeepers will not speculate to the cause that lead to the tragic loss of several pink flamingo appendages this morning.  An investigation is currently underway in hopes of getting to the bottom of this tragedy that has caused three year … Continue reading

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This Just In: There Were Two Extra Monkeys At the Zoo Today

The high today was 45 degrees but there was no rain predicted in the forecast.  In the fall and winter here in the Pacific Northwest this means perfect weather for a trip to the zoo.  We were a little slow getting out the door … Continue reading

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