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Of Potty Training and Penises

My friend Amy and I try to get together every month or so sans kids to catch up.  During these visits we invariably talk of our children.  Awhile back I told her a funny potty training story about Carter that … Continue reading

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Some Days There is Just Never Enough Bleach

That is what I was thinking to myself yesterday during the final cleaning stages of a rather horrible and unmentionable potty training accident. While waiting for Cody’s school bus to arrive Carter hid behind a tree and well – it wasn’t … Continue reading

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The Rules for Hide and Seek

Every Tuesday evening during the summer our small town puts on a free concert at the downtown waterfront park.  The music variety includes rock, pop, country, Caribbean, and 50’s dance tunes.  Last night was swing music, big band style.  Not in my top 10 list … Continue reading

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Into the Wild

Over the weekend we cram packed our truck with various camping gear and headed into the great wilderness.  It was the first time we were brave enough to camp since the children were born.  We hired our babysitter to take … Continue reading

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Poop in the Pool

Today is day two of serious potty training.  For months now Carter has refused to wear “big boy underwear” and even went so far to get quite upset when anyone ever called him a big boy.  He was a Little … Continue reading

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