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Defying the Laws of Physics

Every Friday night at Casa de Shoes on the Wrong Feet is Pizza and Movie Night.  This means just what it sounds like.  We cook pizza, typically frozen Costco pizza, and watch a movie together.  The decider of what movie … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Missing Piece

Husband left this afternoon on a business trip.  It is not long, less than a week, but it is unusual and the boys and I feel its strangeness. He had been gone perhaps an hour.  The boys and I finished … Continue reading

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“Where’s the Tequila?” Asks My 11 Year Old Son

What do you do when it is 108 degrees out and the weather forecast is predicting 120 degrees in just a few days time?  You practice making sweet sun tea. Cody and Carter researched sun tea and found a recipe … Continue reading

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Diarrhea and Diabetes

It started with an arm fart.  You know the noise.  The one that is produced when lips blow onto the skin of the arm close to or on the crook of the elbow. It was a juicy one.  Produced by … Continue reading

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Carterisms: Morning Dew and Can Lights

Ok.  I am admitting it right up front.  This post is really for me, a post to document the cute stuff that comes out of my kiddos mouths.  Carter had a couple lately that I felt compelled to write down.  … Continue reading

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