Carterisms: Morning Dew and Can Lights

Ok.  I am admitting it right up front.  This post is really for me, a post to document the cute stuff that comes out of my kiddos mouths.  Carter had a couple lately that I felt compelled to write down.  They are random and I love them.

Carterism #1:  On the last day of my mom’s visit Carter, my mom, and I took the dogs for a morning walk around our neighborhood park.  We took the desert path leading into the park and then continued our walk on the sidewalk that surrounds the field and duck ponds.  The grass was wet from the sprinklers and some of the water had trickled over onto the sidewalk.  I commented to my mom about the wet sidewalk and to be careful as they get slippery.  We continue.  Conversation turned to how beautiful it was – the sunrise, the mountain, the duck ponds.

Not to be outdone or left out, Carter pipes up, “And the morning dew on the grass is so pretty momma!”  I explained to him that in Phoenix at this time of year, there is no morning dew as there is not enough moisture in the air.  Undeterred, he exclaims “Well then the sprinkler dew looks lovely on the grass this morning!”  Perhaps it is the artificial component of the water, but in my mind sprinkler dew simply does not compare in beauty to au natural morning dew.  But what do I know?

Carterism #2:  Husband and I are very indecisive people.  For the past three months, we have been searching for a light to hang over our dining room table.  We want something different, something that is a focal point, art-like but not too crazy.  We have visited several lighting stores and perused lighting options on line.  With all the discussion of household lighting, the boys have picked up a few terms here and there.  Surrounding our kitchen, we have several can lights and one day Carter suggested that we put in a row of can lights over our table.  I was impressed that he remembered the term.

The next day, Carter made reference to our box light and I had no idea what he was talking about.  Running with the idea that can lights are round like cans, Carter surmised that the small square shaped light above our kitchen sink would be called a box light.  I rather like it.

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