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Simple Sunday – Empty Shells

Under a bush, an imprint in the rocks lined with little bits and bobbles discarded by nature, new life emerges. Feather fluff of quail and empty shells remains.

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Simple Sunday – From the Soil to the Sky

Beneath us a persistence, a resilience, an unwavering need to grow, move forward, live. And from that pulse, sprout over root, leaf over sprout, climbing up and out, there is strength and beauty.

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Simple Sunday – Missing Piece

Husband left this afternoon on a business trip.  It is not long, less than a week, but it is unusual and the boys and I feel its strangeness. He had been gone perhaps an hour.  The boys and I finished … Continue reading

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My Towel

My Towel My towel does not travel on the days that you are gone. Instead it hangs upon the wall face looking blue and long. It wants to see the bathroom from a new and different view. Oh how sad … Continue reading

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And a Splash of Moonshine

cody (8 years old):  If I were to describe Haley I would say that she is as black as night with just a splash of moonshine. Haley is our rescue dog.  She is a black lab mixed with what we … Continue reading

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Snippets of Life

I am tired and my mind is not really wanting to do this writing thing.  I fear that if I don’t push myself every now and again to create something more than math homework and history papers I will forget … Continue reading

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Racecar Raven

A poem, by Cody (age 6) Racecar Raven on the roof He appears with a poof His feathers, dark as night guide him on his flight During the springtime we had a large black bird visit our backyard feeders.  The … Continue reading

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For Want of a Paper Plate

We had the talk again this year: [pirate, firefighter, robots, bats]   While opening our box of Halloween gear: [candles, spiders, three witches hats]   I seized up one black and pointed hat laughed a loud cackle, and said that … Continue reading

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Living With a Cold Blooded Killer

She wears a coat one shade darker than the darkest of nights.  Her eyes, two glowing green orbs, unblinking in their concentration.  Her ears alert to the whispers of whispers.  The faintest rustle of a leaf, the smallest twitch of … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Magic

Last night while you were tucked in fast asleep, my dear I polished a silver dish for you to keep, my dear Your baby teeth, proof of the passage of time, my dear With each loss of a tooth you … Continue reading

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