Arghhhhh Matey!

To avoid reliving the mortification I felt this morning when the boys and I arrived at the YMCA to swim, sans underwear for myself for the return trip, I will instead tell you what I learned about pirates during our lunchtime conversation. These are things I did not know about pirates but apparently my five and three year old did.

  • Pirates don’t tuck people into bed
  • Pirates have green and icky teeth because they don’t brush their teeth
  • Pirates don’t climb branches of trees or bushes but they like to eat the leaves of said trees and bushes
  • A favorite meal for a pirate would be mac and cheese with a glass of horrible green goo
  • Pirates enjoy playing with trains but they are scared of dragons
  • Pirates never wash their clothes or their hands
  • For dessert, a pirate will eat marshmallows with mayonnaise
  • Pirates don’t sleep.  They stay up allll night
  • Pirates enjoy drawing pictures of rainbows but only use the colors purple and red

There you have it.  The world of pirates according to Cody and Carter.

Did I happen to mention that in an effort to minimize the amount of time spent in the changing room, we all wore our swim suits under our clothes.  Because of this I wore some pants that were a bit too baggy on me so that I would not look like I was sportin’ an adult diaper under there.    Baggy pants with no underwear, carrying bags and wet towels while trying to direct two boys through the gym and out to the car.  It was a stressful walk to say the least.

Now off for date night with Husband while we leave the children in the capable hands of our wonderful babysitter.  Cheers!

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I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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