Happy Birthday to Me (Cha, Cha, Cha)

Today is my birthday.  We had a great day planned starting with coffee and a snack at home, breakfast out at a local restaurant, a trip to the first farmer’s market of the year in our small town, and then a trip to the park so the boys could do an Easter egg hunt.  The rest of the day we left open ended but since the sun was going to make an appearance we thought some outdoor yard work and lounging about sounded about right.

We did get morning coffee (and I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers) and the breakfast out before heading to urgent care.  I will say no more regarding our urgent care, so as to avoid the hay day search engines would have with it, other that to tell you that Carter has Balanitis.  Look it up if you wish but it really may fall into the category of too much information for some of you.  All you need to know is he is and will be fine.

After a lifetime and a half at urgent care we were on our way.  Since our health insurance has no providers in our town we were now too far away to get back in time for our local farmer’s market and Easter egg hunt.  We improvised.  We went to a different farmer’s market where we ate apples, bought some wildflower honey, and the boys got to blow bubbles and use bubble wands.  After that we went home and ate ice cream cake for lunch.  The rest of the day we spend at home where the boys helped me get our garden ready.  Oh, and we dyed Easter eggs too.

Now it is time to fire up the grill and go sit on the back deck and enjoy the rest of the day.  It was not a perfect birthday, but close enough.  I will leave you with some pictures of our lazy afternoon.

Gardening collage

Carter dying eggs

About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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27 Responses to Happy Birthday to Me (Cha, Cha, Cha)

  1. EV says:

    happy birthday

  2. Happy birthday!! Loved the colorful egg dyes 😀

  3. The Waiting says:

    Happy birthday! Glad you at least got to have a fun afternoon. Urgent care is no fun.

    • shoes says:

      Thanks! I am waiting for us all to come down with the flu now that we had to hang out with the sick people at urgent care. Carter told me last night that going to the doctor was no fun because “it took looong time.”

  4. Alex says:

    Happy birthday! I am glad you had a semi great day

  5. Mona Lisa says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!! I hope you and the family have a wonderful Easter weekend together 🙂

    • shoes says:

      Thanks! We are actually getting some sun and warm weather this weekend so it is sure to be a great one. Fingers crossed we have no more urgent care trips. 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday My Dear Friend!Glad Carter is doing better!

    • shoes says:

      Thank you much! Poor Carter has such anxiety about going to the doctor yesterday and then once we got there he was a total ham for the doctor. I am glad he is doing better too, poor kid.

  7. mimijk says:

    Happy Birthday!

  8. Hetterbell says:

    I’m glad Carter will be fine, and I’m glad that you were able to change your plans in a way that meant you made the best of the day. 🙂 Actually, you’ve still got several more hours of it than I have as I type this, so I hope you enjoy them!! 🙂

  9. ktlee says:

    Happy birthday!

  10. Yoga Mama says:

    poor little guy!!! glad he’s going to be fine…and Happy birthday!

    • shoes says:

      Yeah, Carter was pretty unimpressed with the whole thing.
      Thanks for the birthday wishes. We still have ice cream cake left to eat so my birthday celebration will continue on for a couple more days at least. 🙂

  11. mommysaidaswearword says:

    Happy belated birthday! Eggs, outdoors, and urgent care. Is there a better recipe for a great birthday? I think not.

  12. Birthdays always tend to be full of surprises.

  13. Jodi Stone says:

    I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday! Even though you spent much time in Urgent Care, I hope you found time for yourself. Here’s to many more.

  14. Beth says:

    Happy belated birthday! Clicking through the link, I realized that we could swap stories on this topic, if it were not such a touchy subject. Urgent care waiting is no fun. The well-raked garden looks ready for seeds.

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