Muffin Top Whisperer, I am Not

Remember last week when I posted about starting a workout program for the first time in my life?  I told you that I had decided to commit to three thirty minute workout sessions a week.  Well, I can not tell a lie (actually I can but I am not very good at it so I think I will stick with the truth) I worked out four times last week for almost an hour each.  Yup, I am a Xbox/Kinect workout master.  Is my muffin top gone?  No, but I think it is starting to fear me.

I will continue with my efforts to thwart my evil muffin top while enjoying beating the heck out of brick walls.  And because I find it entertaining to write about it, I will continue to post some random thoughts that I have while doing battle with Ye Olde Top of Muffin.  I hope you find them entertaining too.

Here are the stats and thoughts from my first week of this nonsense:

  • I have burned 458 calories.
  • I almost killed myself doing the medium level jump rope back to back because Carter loved that it looked like I was jumping on water.
  • My sprained big left toe continues to hurt; I will henceforth refer to it as my Xbox-Toe.
  • During pulsing crunches, I noticed that I really need to get out the vacuum cleaner attachments and vacuum under the couch more often.
  • I am awful at Hip Hop dancing, unless you count a brief period in the 80’s when I could do the worm like nobody’s business.  Actually the worm is more Funk than Hip Hop but I doubt any of you will call me out on it.
  • Cody pointing out that my virtual abs instructor looks stronger than me does not help.

So there you have it.  My muffin top continues to lurk around making snarky comments but I am enjoying working out and only good can come of it.  Well, maybe not the sprained toe.  Or the rug burnt elbow part.  But you get the idea.

About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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29 Responses to Muffin Top Whisperer, I am Not

  1. mimijk says:

    Good for you!! That muffin top is going to leave in haste!!

  2. Jodi Stone says:

    You’ve got me convinced I might need to break out my wii and do a little boxing myself. 🙂 I tried the wii yoga a couple of times, it amazes me how I can be chastized by a computer, does your instructor do that? LOL Keep up the good work, I’ve heard the muffin top is on the run. 🙂

    • shoes says:

      Nope, my instructors are very nice. Even when I am getting 30% scores on my moves matching theirs the most harsh thing they say is “That is not quite what we are looking for. It looks like you need to work on this one some more.” – or something like that.
      It is pretty fun even when it hurts and I am a sweaty mess. Run, muffin top, run!

  3. Aw, phoo…all I’m watching is the scale these days, gave up on calorie-counts. What the heck is a muffin-top anyway? I thought women paid big bucks for augmentive muffin tops! 😀

    • shoes says:

      I don’t watch the scale (in fact it is collecting dust in our bathroom closet) nor do I worry about calories. If I really wanted to shed pounds I should give up my evening beer and/or dish of ice cream but some things in life are sacred. The muffin top around my middle shall just have to be scared off by my exercising prowess.

  4. That was great! Made me laugh, I loved the part about needing to vaccum. Keep worming and that muffin top will be gone in no time…..just be glad you don’t have the whole muffin. 😉

  5. muddledmom says:

    You make exercise sound so fun. And boy, I sure know what you mean about having an audience. My daughter always wants to join me, but she wants to sit right next to me so I can’t move and then my son howls with laughter at my moves. No dignity for the muffin top crowd.

    • shoes says:

      I try to keep it fun otherwise I will start finding excuses not to do it. Having a young audience can be a good distraction technique unless they start getting critical of your performance (Momma, you only got 77% that time, you need to try harder.) No dignity, indeed, puff, puff…

  6. Ashley says:

    Good luck on your workout plan! I also started a program, that includes eating better. Challenging, but I am looking forward to some result!

    • shoes says:

      Good for you! I would like to be rid of my muffin top, but the end goal is to be healthier and be happier about who I am. I am not just a body, but it is something that could use some improving and I am willing to give it a try.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  7. I’m inspired by your optimism and dedication. Soon enough you’ll get you goal and we will celebrate with you. I’m trying too loose weight too with exercise atleast 3 times a week. My weakness is that get so hungry after a 12 hour work and eat a crazy breakfast before sleeping. Bad huh? I’m trying to change this not healthy habit. Great post.

    • shoes says:

      It really does help, while I am puffing away and my abs are shrieking to stop, to know that I have put it out there and others know I am attempting to better myself. It makes me try harder.
      Changing those bad habits can be hard but most certainly can be done. You have identified what you need/want to work on – that is something right there! Thank you for your encouraging words.

  8. Uggg I so need to start doing my wii yoga to prepare for baby…maybe we should start some kind of twitter exercise check in thingy.How would one even set that up???Run away Muffin Top Run Away

  9. Nancy says:

    Awesome! Way to go! I must admit, I have fallen off my workout wagon of late. I was 19 weeks in on a regular routine of up at 5 am, work out for an hour (alternating days of weights and cardio), and then I just slept in one morning and there went the week. After reading your post, I’m promising myself to get back at it starting Monday.

    • shoes says:

      Wow – 19 weeks! That is great. Nothing wrong with taking a little break from it. Glad I could motivate you to get back to it. If I had to get up at 5 in order to work out, I don’t know if it would happen all that much. 🙂

  10. good for you, keep it up…

    and BTW, I love your posts, they always brighten up my day 🙂

  11. Hetterbell says:

    I’m not saying I don’t exercise, it’s just that I’m not one of life’s naturally gifted sporties. Somehow you’ve made it sound so entertaining, though. 🙂

    • shoes says:

      Well, my lack of coordination and my determination to power through the work out resulted in a rather badly sprained ankle so the exercise has been put on hold. It bums me out because I really was enjoying it but since it hurts to even walk I suppose I should not be power jump roping…

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