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Or… Off we stay

The bags still sit by the front door and Dexter is beyond confused.  He knows that suitcases by the door means that someone, possibly he included, is going somewhere. Two hours before we were to leave and about three hours … Continue reading

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Off we go!

The leftovers have been eaten, the newspaper delivery canceled, the trash taken out, and the humming bird feeders filled.  The neighbors have been put on alert and a couple of friends have been lined up to pop over and water … Continue reading

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Road Trippin’

With a temperature this morning of 98.7 and a request for bacon, eggs, and toast it seems possible that Cody is on the mend.  If that is the case than this post is relevant and I need to do some … Continue reading

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It has been just shy of eight months.  During that time he has had two bouts of fever.  Each time we crossed our fingers and watched him like a hawk while alternating acetaminophen and ibuprofen like it was candy.  Both … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday–Carter and the Camera

What do you get when you give a four year old your old digital camera?  Here is a peek.

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Knock Knock

Boy #1:  Knock, Knock Boy #2:  Who’s there? Boy#1:  Insert pretty much anything here, really, pretty much anything goes.  For clarifications purposes we will refer to this as the joke subject. Boy #2:  You know how this goes right? [Joke … Continue reading

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The Odd Sock

Yesterday I bought the boys a package of low cut socks for the warm weather that I keep hoping will arrive.  The boys are only one shoe size apart from each other so they can wear the same size socks. … Continue reading

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And Here’s Where I Try Not to Panic…

We knew this day was coming, it was just a matter of time.  We got official word last week that the jig is up. For the past five years Husband has been contracting with the military as a software engineer.  … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday II–Father’s Day

The boys have been very eager for Father’s Day to arrive.  They have been planning to serve poppa breakfast in bed. Cody made a sign.  It was all his idea.  When you read the sign you must read it like … Continue reading

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A Not So Simple Sunday – Letter to my Dad

Dear Dad, I miss you.  You will never get the chance to read this but that is alright because you already know what I am about to say.  You know that I love you.  You know that I am proud … Continue reading

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