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Confusion and Delay

It has been a long time since Cody and Carter liked Thomas the Train but the expression “confusion and delay” has continued on as part of our household vernacular.  On the Island of Sodor, whenever there was a mix up … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Seizures, Student Teaching, and Searching

Tomorrow I start my last week of full time student teaching.  I can’t believe how quickly it has gone by.  I am trying not to panic as I job search, fill out very time consuming on-line applications to districts without … Continue reading

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Weathering the Storm

At 11:16 this morning there was a storm in our living room.  Unlike a typical electrical storm where lightening is first seen and then the thunder rattles around, the type of storm that occurred in our living room had thunder … Continue reading

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One Thing Leads to Another

The neurodevelopment appointment led to an orthopedic appointment.  This is happening today.  There will be talk of surgery involving Cody’s Achilles tendon.  Hopefully a very-in-the-future surgery. The neurology appointment led to scary conversations about epilepsy (we found out they stop … Continue reading

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Just Boring, Please

July.  It is that time of year again when the appointments I made months ago rear their ugly heads on the kitchen calendar (yes, I am old school and still use a wall calendar for keeping track of my life.)  … Continue reading

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It has been just shy of eight months.  During that time he has had two bouts of fever.  Each time we crossed our fingers and watched him like a hawk while alternating acetaminophen and ibuprofen like it was candy.  Both … Continue reading

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The Plague Hath Arrived

Please excuse my lack of blogging these past many days, but we are in the process of trying not to die.  If we were living in the 14th century (nevermind you would not be reading this on your computer or … Continue reading

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Kindergarten Angst

I think it is normal to have anxiety and nervousness when preparing to send your first born out the door of home and through the door of that big yellow school bus.  We have attended the “Meet the Teacher” and “Parent … Continue reading

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