Bladders, Bowels, and Blue Moons

Before I delve into this post I want to thank everyone for their comments, thoughts, and personal memories on my previous post Traveling Backwards.  My trip to South Dakota was breathtaking.  I need some time to process it but I am looking forward to sharing my travels with you.


You know that saying about the frequency of something happening in association with a blue moon?  I sure hope it is true.  According to my highly accurate and completely reliable sources, read Facebook and the Blogosphere, there was a blue moon last night.  It was during the night that things happened in our house that really never need to happen again.  Even once in a blue moon is one time too many.

As I am wont to do, I checked in on the sleeping boys before going to sleep myself.  Cody was snoring, the soothing sound of chirping crickets emitted from his Conair sound machine transformed his room into a lazy summer night in the country.  He was clutching his beloved Kissy Shrimp under his right arm and his sweet face was turned upward, illuminated by his nightlight.  So adorable.  I shut his door and moved further down the hall to Carter’s room, unaware of what I was about to face.

The door was ajar.  Carter was face down, sprawled out on the top of his covers in his Lightening McQueen pjs.  His stuffed hippo had dropped to the floor so I reached down to pick it up.  It was wet.  So was Carter and all his bedding.  There was also a large wet spot on the carpet by his bedroom door.  I can’t remember the last time he had an accident and I can count on one hand the number of times he has wet the bed.  Poor little guy must have tried to make it to the bathroom, peed on the floor and then was too tired to do anything about it so he went back to bed.  Husband took the Carter clean-up duty while I tackled the sheets and floor.

I know you are thinking to yourselves about now, but the title of this post refers to bowels, what about the bowels?  Ah well, let me tell you.  This morning I woke up to a happy and fully awake Carter.  He had gotten up before me, made a robot card with a dot-to-dot and was proudly delivering it to me.

Blue moon robot card

I got up, fed the dog and then decided to get more of the night before laundry started.  This required me to take a load of towels out of the dryer so that Hippo and the sheets could be dried and the duvet and duvet cover could go in the wash.  I folded the towels and went to put them away in the closet in the boys’ bathroom.  The smell stopped me short.

Dexter is old, he is twelve which I have been told is up there for a German Shepard.  He has hip problems and has been taking Glucosamine and Metacam to help with it for quite a while now.  But his legs are cranky and when he has been lying down for a while he has a hard time getting up.  This is especially true on the tile in the bathroom where he loves to nap.  From what I can deduce Dexter got stuck in the bathroom last night and, well, had an accident of the bowel type.  I feel awful for him, poor doggie.  I also know that this is a sign of not so good things to come.

Lucky for us Dexter knows his way around Microsoft Word.  The boys are suspicious but I think I have them convinced that Dexter created a couple signs that are now hanging on the bathroom door.  I think you will agree that he is quite the smart dog, to not only solve the problem of the tile floor but to utilize clip art in the creation of his signage.

Blue moon Dexter sign

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I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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20 Responses to Bladders, Bowels, and Blue Moons

  1. The story about Dexter reminded me of our old dog, Cody. He would often get locked in bathrooms or bedrooms or the garage and invariably he would have an accident. It was so sad. I wish I had thought to put up those signs!

    • shoes says:

      The signs have helped a lot. I just bought a non skid bathmat that I put in the bathroom where he likes to nap so I hope that will help him out too. Poor old puppy dogs.

  2. The Waiting says:

    What Dexter lacks in bowel control he certainly makes up for on the word processor. 😉

  3. mimijk says:

    Well, I can understand why you wouldn’t want to repeat that night anytime soon!! Accidents happen – but two in one night is a bit much. At least Dexter was able to let everyone know what he needs going forward. He’s quite an impressive and talented guy…And I love Carter’s card!!

  4. Dexter is not only smart; he’s polite, too.

  5. Mary Ann says:

    If a dog is going to have an accident, the bathroom is the perfect place! Too bad poor Dexter got trapped though.

    Our old dog used to throw up a lot, and for some reason she always made sure she threw up on the carpeting! She must have thought it was grass or something, who knows?

    I’m glad your trip to South Dakota was breathtaking!!!

    • shoes says:

      Yes, it really should not be classified as an accident if it happened in the bathroom but since I had to clean it up I will go ahead and call it one. Dogs do the strangest things. Our old dog Rosy used to run for the door when she felt she was going to throw up.

      Ever since I got back from SD I have seem to have lost my stride with this whole blogging thing. I hope once both boys are back in school I will get into a routine and find the time to write about my trip.

  6. Jodi Stone says:

    I’m sorry you had such a rough night. But I agree, if Dexter had to poop at least he was in the right place! Sampson tends to vomit at times, I can’t tell you how many stains I have on my carpets. He tries to get to the door, but it is usually closed. 😦

    • shoes says:

      Ah yes the carpet stains, between the kids and the dogs I really need to install wall to wall Astroturf and just high power hose my house out every couple days or so.

  7. Hetterbell says:

    You sure did have a tough night, yet you sound like you were very patient about it all. It should be a little while until the next blue moon.

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