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A Little Less Blogging. A Little More Yule Logging

In an effort to save my sanity spend more time with my family this holiday season as well as bake massive amounts of goodies, co-host a cocktail Christmas party, do whatever a room mom is required to do this time … Continue reading

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The Last Walks with Dexter

It is very therapeutic walking with a geriatric, arthritic dog.  It does not matter if we are running late and if we don’t hurry will miss the school bus.  It does not matter if it starts to rain and we … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Mini Mushrooms, the Space Needle, and the Long Arm of Carter

I have not done a single bloggy thing since Wednesday.  I have read no blogs, I have written no material, I have not yet responded to any new comments.  We have been busy with a visit from the boys’ farfar … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving and Grief

Thanksgiving 2011. While we did not know it at the time that would be the last time Cody and Carter would ever see their Grandpa.  It would be the last time Husband would ever see his father-in-law, the man he … Continue reading

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Life Through the Cody & Carter Lens

A couple years ago I received a new digital camera for Christmas.  The old camera was put in a box and promptly forgotten.  Life went on as normal until the boys’ Vtech camera, a great Goodwill find, died.  They hardly … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – The Leaves Won’t Rake Themselves

What do you wear when you head out to rake leaves?  Carter picked out his swish-swish pants (you know, that type of fabric that goes swish-swish when you walk) and his favorite sweater.  To this he added mittens, a scarf, … Continue reading

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Fourth Time’s the Charm

After over a year, during which we took a break for sanity reasons (mind not his), and four attempts, I am proud to announce that we have a Super Pike in our family. Some people may credit the many, many … Continue reading

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How Internet Connectivity Issues Leads to Dung Beetles

Husband is a computer guy, an electronic gadget lover, and a software engineer.  At our house we don’t just watch t.v. like normal people do.  Our t.v. is hooked up to computers out in our garage.  There is internet and … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Where All Good Jack-o’-Lanterns Go To Rot

One of the many not much talked about benefits of living on a patch of land in the woods is the ability to set free the Jack-o’-Lanterns at the end of the Halloween hubabulub – a catch and release program … Continue reading

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Marbles and Mixing Bowls

It is the simple things in life, right?  Take a handful of marbles and a nesting of plastic mixing bowls (there was no way I was giving up my nice glass mixing bowls for this), give them to your children … Continue reading

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