Moving x 2

Sorry for my silence as of late.  The school year ended, and while I could blame my blogging silence on moving not only my classroom but moving our entire lives into our new house, that would not be entirely true.

I have also been lollygagging, lounging, and loving having time off with Cody and Carter.

Oh and I did put in a week of work last week, collaborating with some of my coworker as we prepare for the coming school year.

I will not try to play catch up, but I do have some memories and photos I would like to share.

The Classroom Move:


The last week of school my allergies flared up and I actually lost my voice for three days.  Completely lost my voice.  As in I could not talk.

It was challenging especially since our usual school routine was punctuated by seemingly random announcements and end of the year activities.  My kids did great and I relied on several of them to be my voice.  I would hoarsely whisper to them and they would speak for me.


We did an end of the year ice cream activity.  They got to choose the scoops to go on their cone (each one had an open ended question to answer such as. “My favorite activity in second grade was…”) and we all autographed around them.  There was an end of the year ice cream party and we watched a movie.  One last check to make sure all the desks were empty, all items packed up, and off they went out the door.

It was a blur of a day.  It was bittersweet.


At my school we are adding a seventh grade to our campus.  As such, most of the rooms are being reassigned.  My room is slotted to be the new science room (rather fitting I thought with my background in Microbiology).  During the last week of school, teachers were told to box up their room.  I struggled a lot with this as I continued to actually teach during the last week of school (since there is no funding to pay teachers to stay beyond the school year to pack and move, we had to do it while the students were still there.  ~I will refrain from ranting.~)  Once the kids left, I tore down the remaining anchor charts, charts that we as a class created and had been up on our walls for most of the year.


One last look at my old room.  My very first room as a teacher.  Room 316, you were great!


This is only a very small amount of the actually “stuff” moved over to my new room.  Room 225 you are going to ROCK (even if you are smaller and my class size next year will be bigger.  It is not your fault and I will not hold it against you.)

The House Move:

The move from the apartment to the house was a week and a half long process.  Back and fourth we went between the two places – an eight minute trip one way if you caught all green lights (and drive like me, not Husband which would automatically add a few minutes).  At one point during the move we rented a moving truck.


Haley, not to be left out, jumped up inside the truck to check it out too.


And here it is.  We are one of six houses in our cul-de-sac, and one of two in the back, making our lot about a quarter acre.  Not bad for central Phoenix.


This is a view from our front door(s) looking out.  I love that we have two front doors!


Here is the dining room with fireplace that one sees when standing in the kitchen.  It is this fireplace, we have another one in the master, where we will hang our stockings for Santa.


Another view from the kitchen – a rather cute one if you ask me.  From left to right: Hool, Carter, Owliver, and Barney.


Here is a view inside the kitchen.  The boys are cooking in their swim trunks while Haley supervises, secretly hoping something will fall to the floor in need of a more thorough inspection.


This is one of two duck ponds in the park that is a three minute walk away from our house.  I feel so lucky!


Speaking of ducks…  Here is our pool.  And yes, one of them is real.  Our house sat empty for several weeks during the real estate transaction and apparently this duck moved in.  She stayed about three days after we got here and then decided that perhaps this was not the quite oasis in the desert she once thought it to be.


And here is Haley hanging poolside chewing on her Wilson ball.  I think she approves.


And lastly, here are the boys, just jumping in.

So yeah, I have been moving, but I have also been up to other things as well.

Life is good and I hope this finds you well.

About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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6 Responses to Moving x 2

  1. I am glad you are finding a few moments for yourself during all the moving–love the pics–they boys are adorable, as is your dog. Your new house feels like a dream come true!

    • shoes says:

      We are loving our new house! It feels great to finally have a place to settle in and make our own. There is a feel to the house that I can’t explain, but the light and openness made it seem like home right away.

  2. Heather W says:

    Congratulations! It looks like you’ve got a lovely place. I hope you all have a lot of fun and happiness in your new home! 🙂

  3. Happy for you all and your new house. Wish you lots of happy days and nights at your new house!

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