Ten days without kids.  Oh yes, this happened.

Our vacation started off as a family vacation. 

Family Travels

We flew up to my hometown to spend time with my mom.  It was a whirlwind tour of Washington and some the places and things we loved when we lived there just three short years ago. 

My childhood home:

Perhaps this is why I am drawn to photographing old barns.  This is the pasture just beyond the backyard.

Family Pasture

Ferry rides:



The ferry even had a button on the elevator to take you straight to the sun (or the sun deck if you are one of those more traditional people).

Hurricane Ridge:

Hurricane Ridge Collage

On our way to the ocean, we made a quick detour to explore Hurricane Ridge.  Beautiful wild lupines, snow in the shape of a heart, and trees.

Ocean’s edge:


With arms outstretched and in a full on run, Carter met the water’s edge and simply kept going.  My soul soared.


For years, my parents treated us to a couple nights in cabins on the edge of the ocean and it is to this place we returned.  So many memories.


Sunset.  It is as though the sun turned liquid and dripped down the canvas of sky to overflow tidal pools.


I took well over a hundred pictures and I still can’t capture the essence of the beach, of how our boys embraced it, of how the wet firm sand under bare feet can keep you walking and walking with no destination.  How it empties your mind and fills your soul.


Lavender Festival:

We missed the Sequim lavender festival by a week but that did not stop us from popping into our favorite lavender farm, Fat Cat Farms, on our way back from the ocean.


Friends and Seattle:

We spend our last night in Washington with friends in the Seattle area.


The next day Husband and I acted tourists, riding the Great Wheel of Seattle (Ha!  Does anyone actually call it that?)



Then Husband and I went home leaving Cody and Carter with their grandma.

And for ten days we had no kids. 

By day we worked, Husband out of his home office and me in my classroom getting set up for the new school year. 


But by night we went out.  We dined in restaurants without kids menus (gasp!).  We dined in bars.  We simply drank in bars without dining.  (We discovered a bar that has the most delicious chocolate-peanut butter brownies, that I happen to know to pair well with a nice rich stout).   And all this was done no matter the day of the week.


Today the travelers have returned.  This morning I tidied up their room, made up their beds with freshly washed sheets, vacuumed the house, and cleaned their bathroom.  None of this they noticed nor did I expect them to, but it was my mother way of welcoming them home. 


I am back to being yelled for from across the house – “Momma!  Can I….(fill in the blank with most anything, really).”

Laundry is going, and there are crumbs on the dining room table. 

Back to reality.  And it is good. 

(Although I will really miss having brownies and beer for dinner with Husband).

About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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4 Responses to Returning

  1. The ocean pics are breathtaking. And cool desks in your classroom. Ten days with no kids sounds like magic!

  2. Ahh, lucky you- 10 beautiful, peaceful, great days!!!! That’s what we all need to recharge our batteries! And then of course, it’s nice to have the life back. X

    • shoes says:

      It was so great to recharge and not have all the worries and responsibilities that simply become a part of your being when you have kids. And having a break made us all excited to see each other when they returned.

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