Passing More than Just Gas

While cleaning out Carter’s school backpack to make it usable as a carry-on bag for our trip to Washington, I came upon this:


In case you need a translation: I passed a note Lol – cute, maybe cat, face.

I laughed.  Then I asked him who passed him the note.  He told me it was some girl who sat next to him.  I wondered aloud why she gave him the note.

Carter paused and then looked at me with a half smile.  “Well momma” he signed, “it started because I farted.”

“What?!”  I was confused.  How was one passing related to the other kind of passing.

He proceeded to tell me that in the first note she passed him was a request for him to stop farting.

I was shocked.  Was he purposely farting loudly in class?  Was he the class farter?  I could see him doing this at home but not at school where he tends to be a bit more reserved.

He stressed to me that it was a quiet fart, an accidental one. 

I asked him what he did with the first note and he told me that he just passed it back to her.  It was then that this second note arrived.  Apparently she was proud of herself for succeeding in passing notes in class.

The things one finds out when cleaning out their child’s backpack. 

About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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4 Responses to Passing More than Just Gas

  1. Oh my goodness. Too cute and funny. Ah, kids. Ah, farts. 😉

  2. Gas passed, notes passed…both a source of pride when it comes to getting away with nonverbal communications behind the teacher’s back! Too funny 😀

    • shoes says:

      You got that right. It made me wonder how much of this passing business has been occurring unnoticed in my own third grade classroom! None, I’m sure, as all of my students are perfect angels. 🙂

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