Your Guess is as Good as Mine

My MIL is coming tomorrow to spend Christmas with us.  I am one of the lucky people who actually love their MIL, but it never hurts to tidy up the house just a bit more than I normally would.

My first round about the house is the pick-up round.  Just as the name implies, I pick up items, mostly items shed by the boys: Nurf darts, dirty socks turned inside out (nasty!), books, Legos.  This round is typically done by the boys themselves, but they are outside playing with some neighbor kids.  It is easier and faster to do it myself.

My second round about the house is with the vacuum.  And again, as the name implies, this round involves vacuuming.

My third round, the one I save for special occasions such as a Christmas visit from my MIL, is the mopping one.  We have hard wood floors, something that is rather foreign to me in the cleaning department, so this round makes me a bit nervous.

It was on the second round about, that I first noticed them.  Small, pink, jagged, rock-like bits.  They were too pink to be rocks, however.  There were some under the entryway table.  Some by the Christmas tree.  Some under the couch and some on the couch itself.  I had my suspicions about what it was and my suspicions were confirmed when I rolled the ottoman out of the way and found the empty box.

I had to wonder, was the culprit a dog or a child lacking hand-eye coordination?  In this house, it really could be either one.

About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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5 Responses to Your Guess is as Good as Mine

  1. NickyB. says:

    Enjoy your Christmas!

  2. There are pink nerds running amok in your living room? Perhaps Elf on a Shelf is hoping to see someone slip and fall. I never trusted that little bastard….

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