Drunken Herbs

I think our rosemary has a drinking problem.

In an effort to keep my askings – those to our neighbor to come over and play with our cats and throw water at our plants while we are gone – to a minimum, I bought some of these.

I have never used these before, but the reviews were good and it gave us a reason to drink an extra couple bottles of wine. Basically, you use a longneck bottle, such as a wine bottle, filled with water tipped upside down in the porous ceramic spike. The spike will saturate and then diffuse the water based upon the wetness of the surrounding soil.

I tested them out on the mint and trailing rosemary a couple weeks before we left and learned some interesting things about our herbs.

Rosemary is a total lush!

Here she is, working her way through her second bottle in almost as many days. Perhaps the brittle and brown corpses of the less fortunate herbs around her, drives her drinking problem.

Mint is a more casual day drinker. In the evening he likes the purple party lights, wrapped around the pole he lives by, to be turned on and he sways to the music provided by the bamboo windchimes.

Such a day drinker though.

Then I added a spike to Chive. Chive is more of a tee toddler.

At least Chive is not drinking alone.

And through all of this, the succulents and cactus look on with distain.

A simple watering can split between them once a week will do, thank you very much.

So it seems that, while the spikes will help some, they are no match to the almost unquenchable thirst of Rosemary and Mint’s partying ways.

I am sure the 110 degree heat has nothing to do with it.

About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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  1. Super funny. 🙂

    Maybe if you switched to white?? 😉

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