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The Delicious Mistake

With Carter off on his week long camping trip, Cody seems worried about how he will fill his days. He decided that part of his day-filling will involve cooking with me, which I find more exciting than playing this video … Continue reading

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Biscuits and Bees

What do you do when bees move into your father-in-laws house, empty for many years since his passing? You hire a live bee removal person, in our case Scott the Bee Man. Scott the Bee Man, who was very professional … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Little Visitor, Large Feather

While watering my backyard herbs, this little guy decided to visit and critique my actions. He does not look terribly impressed. Or perhaps he was there to let me know that the humming bird feeder was low. I found this … Continue reading

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Fur Friday – Summer Reading

James likes to snuggle while reading, recognizing the social aspect of the activity. He enjoys the sarcastic and often anthropomorphic wit of Gary Larson’s Far Side cartoons. Sasha, also a connoisseur of comics, enjoys old school newspaper comics, sometimes napping … Continue reading

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Sealed with a Heart

A week ago I wrote a letter to Carter. His Boy Scout troop had reservations for a week long camping trip up by the rim, near Payson. He had not left yet at the time of my letter writing, they … Continue reading

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Pocketful of (Old Person) Candy

“Mom, that is old person candy,” proclaimed Cody as I was happily showing off my latest addition to our dining room – a candy dish. In an effort to create a clutter-free space, I had reorganized some furniture, in the … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Happy Father’s Day Husband!

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Fur Friday – Cat Camo

Finding just the right background to fade into – Cat-ouflage. Chloe cleverly utilizes the colors and textures of our voluminous bathmat, carefully aligning herself with the multitone stripes. Leia chooses the quiet, out of the way spaces of empty dining … Continue reading

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Dave & Busters (with a side of nude Burt Reynolds)

To support Carter’s Boy Scout Troop, we purchased a coupon card from him, as did several of our neighbors (thanks, neighbors!). It was one of those cards full of discounts, most of which you will never use and you fully … Continue reading

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Cooler than Yesterday

Even in the summer, especially in the summer, Husband and I get up early and walk the dogs. We were more than half way through our two mile walk this morning and I was dragging. The sun was clawing its’ … Continue reading

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