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Pocketful of (Old Person) Candy

“Mom, that is old person candy,” proclaimed Cody as I was happily showing off my latest addition to our dining room – a candy dish. In an effort to create a clutter-free space, I had reorganized some furniture, in the … Continue reading

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Where the Clutter Ends

Husband is the master of clutter. In my life his clutter is a bit like the music one is subjected to while on hold waiting to talk to a representative of some random company or another, background noise that is … Continue reading

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Chasing the Clutter Monster

I seem to spend a lot of time trying to organize stuff.  I very rarely set out to do such a thing; I just sort of bump into it.  Take for instance the other morning.  I open my closet to pick … Continue reading

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A New Scientific Discovery: Householdfilm

Merriam Webster defines clutter as (noun) 1 a:  a crowded or confused mass or collection    b:  things that clutter a place   Merriam defines biofilm as (noun)     :  a thin usually resistant layer of microorganisms (as bacteria) that form … Continue reading

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