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Simple Sunday – Preparation

This weekend I spend most of my time writing lesson plans and completing coursework in preparation for the coming week.  This week, while I am still three weeks away from taking over as lead teacher for a period of eight … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Do You Want to Hear How Busy I Have Been or See a Cool Picture of a Bear?

I am two weeks into the master’s program and while it is busy, I find it to be manageable.  I have not had much time for personal reflection, creative writing, or the reading and writing of blogs.  That said I … Continue reading

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Is it Plagiarism When I Steal From Myself?

My third newspaper article ran in this Monday’s paper.  I have been busy with mid-terms this week and have not had time to pop over here and write about it.  In fact, I have been so busy and at a … Continue reading

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Rut? You Say That Like It’s a Dirty Word.

I am not a fan of change which is a bummer since change tends to happen.  A lot.  I know, I know, it is not cool to say you don’t like change.  Change is suppose to be embraced, it helps … Continue reading

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