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Simple Sunday – Taking Flight

Before the Arizona rains came and the boys did this, we saved a morning dove from much distress and perhaps even an early death. Husband and the boys had taken the dogs for a walk while I stayed home and … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Do You Want to Hear How Busy I Have Been or See a Cool Picture of a Bear?

I am two weeks into the master’s program and while it is busy, I find it to be manageable.  I have not had much time for personal reflection, creative writing, or the reading and writing of blogs.  That said I … Continue reading

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Rabid Ninja Squirrels?

It is 82 degrees outside.  The boys are in various stages of undress, jumping over the sprinkler in the front yard and occasionally pausing to gnaw pieces of watermelon down to their mottled green rinds.   I should be doing something … Continue reading

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Low Tide Dreaming

Yesterday was the lowest tide of the year in our area. The boys and I went on a tide walk hosted by an organization dedicated to educating the public about marine wildlife and preservation of our beaches.  The gentleman who … Continue reading

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