Lovely Lavender

Last weekend we packed up the kids, picked up Grandma, and headed to the lavender festival in Sequim.

Dizzying view of lavender.

It was our sixth year going and the first time rain was in the forecast.  In fact it rained the whole drive up, a heavy rather unwashingtonlike rain.  None of the usual drizzle and drips we are accustomed to but a full on wipers-on-high kind of rain.  The last four miles of our drive the rain slowed down and by the time we found parking it was just spitting at us.  No rain.  None.  Not until we got back in the car at the end of the day and then it started up again.  A frickin’ miracle.

We started at the street fair, checking out the local vendors and then ventured into Sequim’s open air produce market.  We ate some delicious mini donuts and  sampled various nuts, honey, jams and cheeses infused or incrusted with essence of lavender.  We had lunch at the Sunshine Cafe and then heading out to tour a couple of farms.

Carter really enjoyed the chocolate covered peanuts his Grandma bought him.

Our first stop was Graymarsh Farms.

Even though the lavender was not fully in bloom, it was still breathtaking.

We were hoping to pick blueberries here and had come prepared with our u-pick buckets but alas the wet summer we have been experiencing has not been blueberry friendly.  We still had a good time smelling their lavender and enjoying the view.

Cody wandering the fields at Graymarsh Farm.

Our next stop was a jem we had discovered the previous year.  We loved it so much we took a picture of their sign so we would not forget the name of the farm in years to come.  I wish they had a website I could link you to because my words and pictures will not do them justice.  Fat Cat Farm is a small family owned farm.  They are open year round and sell u-pick flower bouquets, honey, and fresh eggs.

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers!

The people who own it live there.  They have an amazing garden.  More than one, if I am to be fair.

I love the little lavender field with grass between the rows instead of dirt.

They have a couple vegetable gardens, a small raspberry patch, a mini lavender field, and some breathtaking flower gardens.

Vegetable treasures in the garden.

They have a small flock of chickens, some very friendly ducks, a couple of goats, a sheep, a lavender painted bee hive, and a koi pond.

Koi pond.

They were selling homemade strawberry rhubarb pie and lavender lemonade.  I think we wandered and lingered for close to two hours.  The boys fell in love with their white duck and are still talking about how he nibbled their fingers.

The white duck was very charming and we all (except maybe Husband) wanted to take him home.

It was a pretty fabulous day.

And one last picture just because I can. Carter playing peek-a-boo in the flower garden.

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I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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