Put that Chipmunk Down – RIGHT NOW!

Yup, I actually had to say that to my five-year old today.

Let me start at the beginning.  Today the boys had a friend over to play.  It was a drop off play date which is exactly what it sounds like.  With this type of play date the parent, or grandparent in this case, drops off their child for a previously determined amount of time and gets to go do something child-free.  It is quite nice when you are the droperoffer and, as long as you have some sort of activity planned for the visit, not too painful when you are the one hosting the thing.  These types of play dates are fairly new to us.

It started out alright.  We played a board game (Richard Scarry’s Busytown eye found it!) together and then the boys played for a bit back in Cody’s room.

Very fun game - you can't really go wrong with Richard Scarry.

The sun made an appearance and so everyone wanted to go outside.  Cody and his friend headed out while I finished helping Carter get his shoes on.  When Carter and I caught up   our guest had already found the bikes and was madly riding around on the chalk road that we had made earlier in the week.  Cody, however, was standing in the driveway holding what appeared to be a stunned baby chipmunk while our neighbor’s cat, Delilah, proudly stood by.  My first instinct was to holler at Cody to put it down but once he did Delilah started mauling it.  The poor little thing was still alive and rather unhappy.

Replace the lion with a small black cat and, well, whatever that was, with a chipmunk, and you get the idea.

I grabbed a plastic toy shovel and tried to scoop it up but it was not very cooperative.  Instead it darted under a bike to hide.  I managed to distract Delilah until it got brave enough to make a run for it back into the woods.

The rest of the play date was mostly uneventful.  The boys rode bikes and I drew more chalk roads.  We ate popsicles.  Fun was had by all.  I just hope Cody’s friend does not go home and tell his parents that I let them play with wild rodents.

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I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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2 Responses to Put that Chipmunk Down – RIGHT NOW!

  1. I was attacked by about 10 chimpmunks once….true story. Come to think of it,it was on my honey moon that should”ve been a sign right then(as my new groom just stood by and did nothing)that things were gonna end badly lol.

  2. Jodi Stone says:

    I have tons of chipmunks in the yard and wish I had a cat that would catch them!

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