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Simple Sunday – Sick

Fevers, aches, and seizures this weekend.  I don’t have it in me to type about it – perhaps tomorrow when I am not feeling so ill.  At least the boys are on the mend.

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How to Build Your Own iPod

According to my five-year old, building your own iPod is, well, child’s play. Collect 5-6 old wikki sticks, preferably ones that have been lying around the house for a week and have obtained a certain level of dog hairiness. Add one yellow shoe … Continue reading

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Mini Muffins & How I Will Never Feel the Same About Gak.

Several weeks ago I attended a meeting at Cody’s school. In attendance were two kindergarten teachers, the three other room moms, and various parents all there to organize the classroom Halloween party. Cody’s classroom shares one of those accordion type walls … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Pumpkins & Corn

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While walking to the bus stop yesterday I noticed a present left on our lawn by Delilah; a deceased rodent.  I thought it very nice of her to show her gratitude in this way so I immediately texted Husband. me: husband: me: … Continue reading

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And the Winner is…

I entered a give away contest several days ago on Love From The Oven, a blog I regularly drool over, and got notified today that I won.  I will be receiving three bags of whole wheat dark chocolate chip cookies … Continue reading

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Super Secret Blog Post

What do these look like to you? If you guessed Ritz munchables pretzel rounds then, congratulations you can read, but you would be wrong.  In our house these are referred to only as Super Secret Crackers.  They are coveted by the boys.  … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Smile!

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Chasing the Clutter Monster

I seem to spend a lot of time trying to organize stuff.  I very rarely set out to do such a thing; I just sort of bump into it.  Take for instance the other morning.  I open my closet to pick … Continue reading

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Sucker, Chump, or Patsy – Take Your Pick

My husband and I are suckers.  When it comes to animals in need, or even ones who look like their lives are not quite cushy enough, there we are.  We can’t help it, its genetic.  Husband’s parents once picked up a stray … Continue reading

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