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My WordPress Therapy – Session One

Yesterday I was reduced to gut wrenching sobs and mindless pacing in the back corner of our local Office Depot.  I was planning to make a quick trip to pick up colored laser printer paper while both boys were at school.  … Continue reading

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Dusting Off the Extra Silverware

As some of you may know, last Saturday my family celebrated the 11th Annual Practice Thanksgiving.  I wish I could tell you some amazing story about how such a holiday came about but the details are lost in the fog of history.  I know that … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Stairs to a Garden

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Happy Practice Thanksgiving Everyone!

The floors have been scrubbed, the carpet vacuumed.  The piles of life’s clutter – magazines, bills to pay, important school paperwork – have all been hidden in the back bedroom.  The extra leaf to the table has been added and a … Continue reading

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A Brief Interruption in Blogging

I may not be blogging much for the next week so please feel free to go about your normal business until I return.  My mother in law is arriving from Tucson this evening for a week long stay.  My MIL is wonderful and … Continue reading

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Ahoy My Hearties!!

Well, according to the buzz on my Facebook News Feed, (and really what’s a more reliable source of news than that?) it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  So let us smartly raise up our mugs of grog and let out a … Continue reading

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Simple Sunday – Leaves with Feather

The boys and I went for a walk with my dad this morning after which I asked Cody to take a picture of me with his Gpa.  It was the classic portrait taken by a five-year old in all his short stature glory.  … Continue reading

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Airplanes and Alzheimer’s

The boys and I dropped Husband off at the airport shuttle this morning before starting our day of pool physical therapy, lunch out with a friend, more physical therapy, and finally our traditional Friday at home with pizza and a movie.  Carter … Continue reading

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No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

The beds are made and there are no monkeys around here to jump and mess them up.  Cody just started Kindergarten last week and I just sent Carter off on the little school bus to preschool.  This means that four days … Continue reading

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Not So Simple Sunday – September 11th 2011

Ten years ago today I woke up to my radio alarm clock, got out of bed, took a shower, flipped on the tv in the bedroom and wandered into the adjoining bathroom to get ready for another day at work. … Continue reading

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