Happy Practice Thanksgiving Everyone!

The floors have been scrubbed, the carpet vacuumed.  The piles of life’s clutter – magazines, bills to pay, important school paperwork – have all been hidden in the back bedroom.  The extra leaf to the table has been added and a festive table runner placed on top.  We have enough chairs and plates for everyone, mishmash as they may be.  It is that time of year again, hooray!

The rolls were made yesterday in the large ceramic bread bowl of my childhood – the bread bowl my mom made countless batches of homemade bread in.  The cranberries are made and tucked in the fridge along with the deviled eggs.  The apple pie, made a few days ago from the freshly picked gravenstein apples from my parents apple orchard, came out of the oven a couple of hours ago.  The stuffing, my mom’s recipe, resides inside the butter massaged turkey and is currently in the oven slowing cooking.  The green bean casserole and mashed potatoes with gravy will be made at the very end and the acorn squash still needs to be prepared and placed on the grill.

Husband, my mother-in-law, and the boys are out running last-minute errands and instead of running around in a panic getting nothing done anyway I thought I would type up a quick post.  Procrastination at it’s best.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, whatever you have planned.

About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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3 Responses to Happy Practice Thanksgiving Everyone!

  1. I hope you had a great practice Thanksgiving! It’s one of my favorite holidays! Love it!

  2. shoes says:

    We had a wonderful Practice Thanksgiving, thanks! I can’t wait to write all about it.

  3. Jodi Stone says:

    I can’t wait to read all about it and the reasoning behind the tradition.

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