Simple Sunday – Little Pieces of Fall

The boys and I walk to the school bus stop everyday.

Bits of Fall - Boys walking to bus stop

Walking down our driveway.

Along the way we are treated with nature’s artwork.  She rarely disappoints.

Bits of Fall - Scotch Broom seedpods

Scotch Broom seedpods with morning dew.

And sometimes if we are lucky, Mother Nature takes it upon herself to frame some of that artwork for us to enjoy.

Bits of Fall - pinecone in Madrona tree

Pine cone and Madrona tree.

About Shoes

I am an elementary school teacher, a former microbiologist, a mom to a herd of two boys, and a grilled cheese sandwich and beer connoisseur.
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14 Responses to Simple Sunday – Little Pieces of Fall

  1. howanxious says:

    Beautiful pictures…

  2. moonsprig says:

    Wow! What a beautiful driveway!! I love the pine cones in the tree too. It is those small everyday moments, like walking to the bus stop, that add so much to life.

    • shoes says:

      Thanks, I adore our driveway. It bends ever so slightly so that our house is not visible from the road (although the road our driveway is connected to is a recently paved dead end street with little traffic anyway.) It was neat to look up and see that pine cone lodged there just so. You are right that the little moments in life add so much.

  3. jensine says:

    love the seedpods, and I agree with teh above you do seem to live in a beautiful setting, I am more urban 🙂

  4. Wow, where do you live? An awsome walk.
    We have to get out for a hike.

    • shoes says:

      We live in the Pacific Northwest, in western Washington. It is quite lovely here. Our neighborhood is not traditional, we have no street lights or sidewalks, so it makes for nice walks.

  5. Jodi says:

    I love your driveway, it is so pretty. At first I thought the pinecone was
    a door decoration, how very cool that is!

    • shoes says:

      Thank you, I love our driveway too. We live on a little over an acre with our house in the very far back corner of the lot. Most of of the front of our lot is forested. It is nice to be tucked away in our little woods.

  6. Your driveway looks so beautiful — made even more so by the happy memories you are creating there with your sons. 🙂 I spent 10 years in the Seattle area, and miss it very much!

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